Israeli UN envoy tears up Human Rights Council report on “obsessive bias”

During his address to the UN General Assembly, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan tore up a report by the UN Human Rights Council and accused the world rights body of its “obsessive anti-Israel bias.”

“At the Human Rights Council, the season is always open for Israel,” Erdan said at the New York General Assembly on Friday.

UNHCR has issued 142 convictions against UN member states, of which 95 have been handed down against Israel. As Erdan said, the human rights agency has issued 35 convictions against Syria and only 10 against Iran.

“The voices of the victims of horrific crimes against humanity that we have already seen in the first decades of this century cannot be heard because of the obsession of the so-called human rights world with targeting Israel,” Erdan said.

“The suffering of the victims of humanity’s greatest crimes goes unnoticed. Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you! ”

Erdan’s tearing up of the UNHRC’s annual report mimicked the famous gesture of former Ambassador Chaim Herzog, who tore up a resolution on “Zionist racism” passed by the UN in 1975.

This decision was revoked at the end of 1991.

“At this stage, right in this body, the very right of the Jewish people to a national home was declared racist. A decision that was justifiably overturned, ”Erdan said.

“The decision was torn apart by the then Israeli ambassador Chaim Herzog before the United Nations,” he added.

“And that is exactly what needs to be done with this anti-Semitic, distorted, one-sided report. For just as this 1975 resolution equating Zionism with racism was in itself a severe form of anti-Jewish racism that has no place in this international body, so the obsessive anti-Israel bias of the Human Rights Council, embodied in this report, should not to have a place in anyone who deals with human rights, security or peace.

“It’s the only place in the dump of anti-Semitism and that’s exactly how we’re going to treat it,” he concluded, tearing the document into four pieces before stepping off the stage.

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