Kaepernick thoroughly scoffed at comparing the NFL combination to the slave auction

Netflix has given Colin Kaepernick appearances and speech roles in their documentary series about his life, Colin in black and white.

They probably regret this decision.

Former NFL defender and original anthem protester Colin Kaepernick likened the NFL Combine process to a slave auction in the Netflix documentary series describing his life experiences.

In the series Kaepernick recounts, the former 49er appears in a scene where he talks about the NFL’s chances of being “pushed, stabbed, and screened” for mistakes before the NFL set. Players in the “combo” then leave the NFL field and enter a slave auction in the mid-1800s, where white landowners inspect slaves for purchase.

In the scene, Kaepernick says that this is how “they” establish the “dynamics of power”. The scene concludes with an NFL coach and a slave auctioneer shaking hands in the background of bound slaves to establish a generational connection between the process of selecting professional athletes and slavery.

The clip represents not only Kaepernick’s monumental ignorance, but also Netflix’s complete lack of respect for the intelligence of its audience.

Those on Twitter who watched the clip responded, accumulating a lot of contempt and contempt for Kaepernick’s absurd and insulting screed.

Colin in black and white debuted on Netflix on October 29th.

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