Last words of Rachel Held Evans

Jeff, what was it like for you when you took this over?

JEFF CHU The decision to say yes to Dan and the kids was not a difficult one. In fact, it was really hard to follow and complete the book. But it’s a matter of friendship – I don’t think friendship is always easy. Sometimes a friendship will require us to make sacrifices, pick hard paths, and do things that aren’t necessarily enjoyable or fun, as our friends need.

What would it mean for Rachel to strive for sincere faith at this point?

EVANS If you want to see someone with all their heart, it was Rachel. Part of heartiness is this ability to be vulnerable. She was able to approach her doubts and things that were considered scary or bad in her religious tradition, and said she was actually a force to be able to acknowledge.

There is a line when he says, “Christianity is a story I will struggle with forever.” Tell me about it.

CHU Rachel often said, “In the days when I believe …” This is a line that reappears over and over again in her speeches and in her writing, and I think it was an open acknowledgment of the truth of faith for many of us. Christianity is, let’s be honest, a super weird story. And it’s also an invitation to ask big questions. How do you not ask big questions about suffering in this world? And how come you don’t ask big questions about this super weird story? One of the gifts Rachel gave me and I think she left to the world was her gentle encouragement to keep fighting, to ask to keep looking because it’s all complicated. But in the end, I think he believes the love that was beneath all of this was worth chasing.

The book is about how connected we all are, even beyond time. What does it mean to continue the life and love of someone after death?

EVANS I used to think that “until death do us part” means that it all ends when one person dies. And what I’m learning is that some things exist until both people are in the grave. It sounds very morbid and depressing, I’m sure. But some things are still painful at the moment, but I hope to be able to look back with a smile in the future, like all the common jokes that only two of us knew, and now only one of us. The life we ​​imagined together, and now I am the only one I can imagine as we imagined it.

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