Media analyst: Fostering mistrust is part of Murdoch’s business model

“He basically came as the boys in the 19th century,” Carter said, “and in his search for wealth and power, he was willing to destroy things the way they did the environment. And that’s what they’re doing to democracy now.”

Murdoch’s business model was successful. But Carter said his network was going into “moral bankruptcy,” noting Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson, who auctioned a three-part on Wednesday. special promotion of 1/6 of the truth.

The trailer for the show, promoted by Carlson, titled “Patriot Purge,” will air on the Fox Nation streaming network platform and feature rhetoric on Operation False Flag, the idea that the January 6 attack on the Capitol was an internal mission planned by the government as part of its alleged war against Trump supporters.

On Sunday, “Reliable Resources,” CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter asked Julie Roginsky, a former Fox News contributor and Democratic strategist, for her impressions of today’s network.

Roginsky said in particular that Murdoch’s priority is to maintain its business model.

“After all, he does this because he believes there is a very good chance that Donald Trump will return to the Oval Office in two years,” Roginsky said.

Fox News did not comment on the record, but senior CNN correspondent Oliver Darcy said the media giant trying to distance himself from the documentary. Fox personality Geraldo Rivera he labeled the idea that the uprising was a “false flag” operation on “bulls ** t”.

But the Murdochs remain silent when it comes to curbing the more incendiary views of the most-watched personality of their network. “They’re not willing to do that because they’re dealing with redeeming people’s paranoia and all the hostility they’ve cooked up. So that’s part of their overall strategy,” Carter said.

Astead Herndon, a national political reporter for The New York Times and a CNN political analyst, interviewed voters in the field in Virginia earlier this month and heard many of the same conspiracy topics being spread by Carlson and Murdoch’s media.

“Actually, I think it’s a lot bigger than just Fox or Rupert Murdoch,” Herndon told Sunday’s “Reliable Sources”. “We’re talking about the whole ecosystem.”

Herndon said as if these voters are in a media cocoon that is getting tighter by the day.

“They are convinced of the false reality of the stolen November election and that is the driving factor,” Herndon said. “They are creating this as a litmus test for the Republican politicians who are now running.”

But Herndon warned that it is wrong for the media to think of January 6 as an isolated event. At the local level, rallies continue to take place that encourage “big lies,” further encouraging false narration.

“We shouldn’t think of democracy as something that was stable for a long time and then was just overturned with Donald Trump,” Herndon said, citing colored people and other voters who have been excluded from the democratic process in the past.


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