Mike Carey is running for the U.S. Office of Energy Independence

Mike Carey, a former military officer and energy chief executive, is running in an early election to face Democratic Congresswoman Alison Russo and change the course of President Joe Biden’s energy policy.

Carey is running for Congress in Ohio’s 15th Congressional District.

Carey showed up at Breitbart news on Saturday and talked to host Matthew Boyle about what’s at stake in his special election this Tuesday.


“But what we’re really seeing for the first time, and I think that points to what you see in Virginia and maybe New Jersey, but Republicans are so driven to go to the polls, so your listeners are out there today,” Carey said. told Boyle.

Carey went on to say that Republicans have an advantage in early voting, which usually focuses on Democrats. “We see early voting numbers for Republicans, which, you know, usually for Democrats, where they make up the majority of their votes on early voting ballots,” Carey said. “We’re running this and the numbers that came to me this morning are 19 percent on early voting and absenteeism.”

Carey expressed support for the political energy he saw across the country, but also stressed the importance of school board elections, noting that they “really encouraged people.” He continued, “all this haste to stand up for the critical race theory, this unisex bathroom, all the things that I think most people just don’t think is the right thing to do.”

Carey says it’s not just Republicans who are excited to see an increase in energetic independents as well. “I believe we will take the house back in ’22. No doubt and I think given the nature and where Biden put us … I think Republicans are ready for change and they are motivated, not just Republicans , but independent. “

Boyle commented on how Carey’s special election is taking place this Tuesday in addition to the gubernatorial election in Virginia. Boyle asked Carey what a win in Virginia would mean for Republicans across the country.

Carey, however, did not think this would be a victory for the Republicans alone. Instead, it would be a victory for the Americans.

“You mean it’s going to be a Republican victory, I really believe it’s going to be an American victory,” Carey said. He also mentioned that he thinks the “people are fed up” with the democratic rule of Biden, Pelosias and their relatives.

Speaking about critical race theory, Carey touched on how distance learning has allowed many parents to see first-hand what is going on in their children’s classrooms. Carey told Boyle, “But when you look at COVID and look at how many of our kids have had to learn remotely, and many of us could actually sit and watch what our kids learn in class through a laptop, a computer, whatever. It was only when we were actually able to watch every day and learn a few things that they were taught, and I think people finally … had enough, ”he continued.

Boyle discussed the inflation crisis currently happening across the country, and Carey dissected the significance of the grand trillion-dollar spending bill and its impact. To keep the numbers connected, Carey parsed them in seconds. “I want you to get acquainted, equate these numbers with time. So if you look at a million seconds and people can think about it, a million seconds of your life equals 11 days. One billion seconds equals 32 years, “Carey said.” One trillion seconds actually represents 32,000 years. That’s a big number. So when people say wow, we may not go with 3.5 trillion, we may go with 1 trillion. That’s too much money. “

Boyle noted that Carey went to college on a ROTC scholarship before becoming a military officer. He then asked the Ohio candidate more about his background in growing up and what inspired him to get involved in politics. Carey told Boyle that working at Ohio State House in the 1990s, when the U.S. Congress passed a treaty with America, was his first introduction to politics.

“But what really took me by surprise was President Trump. I mean, I had the opportunity to meet him in 2016, I worked very closely with his administration,” Carey said. He then discussed Trump’s impact on America’s energy independence. “I worked very closely with the administration to suppress all these environmental extremists, things that, you know, were introduced by Obama. And really, I think President Trump encouraged America to become energy independent.”

Carey criticized the Biden administration for relying on foreign forces for our energy. “The President of the United States is asking OPEC to produce more oil when we can do it here, but you can’t when you cancel the Keystone pipeline. You can’t when you’re trying to say we’re going to impose a federal moratorium on state land leases in the West.

He also mentioned that Biden’s disastrous energy policy prompted him to run for Congress. “But what really inspired me was the fact that I saw what they did to the industry I represented. At one point, America produced 1.2 billion tons of domestic coal. He continued: “This year we will reduce to about 435 to 475 million tons. Thus, the 2018 industry has literally led to where we are in 2021, to a third of the size. ”

Boyle spoke briefly about the Washington establishment’s desire to promote radical climate change regulations before Carey interrupted, mentioning that China is not noticeably absent from these major climate meetings. “Guess who’s not there? China is not there, ”he told Boyle as he spoke of Biden’s meeting in Europe with world leaders to discuss climate change.

Carey also criticized the Biden administration for setting unrealistic fossil fuel targets. “He wants to have a policy to eliminate fossil fuels by 2035,” he said. “Not even the state of California has a policy that says they will eliminate all carbon-based fuels by 2035.”

Carey concluded the interview by calling his opponent a “stamp for Nancy Pelosi”.

“My opponent would not only be a seal for Nancy Pelosi, but will attend a meeting with‘ Squad. ’She and the AOC are in the same line with each other,” he said.

“I mean, she’s not from Ohio, number one. I mean, she’s out of state. She works for the Liberal Brain Center in Washington, DC. And you know, and she takes those liberal values ​​and the think tank organization and tries to push them toward people,” he said. Carey concluded.

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