The man died when he was stabbed at a Spanish festival in a bull run

It was the first such death toll in the country since such events continued after Covid-19 restrictions were eased in the summer.

The 55-year-old, who has not been named, has been repeatedly attacked by a bull at a festival in Ondi, the city council said on Saturday.

Other participants tried to take the animal away, but their efforts failed.

The man died later Saturday at a hospital in the nearby town of Villarreal after bleeding from a wound on his left thigh that had punctured an artery, emergency services said. He also suffered a head injury.

The Council of Onda has canceled all planned bull races at the city festival, which will end on Sunday. Other activities were not affected.

Public debate over whether to abolish running bull festivals has become more heated in recent years since the Spanish Covid-19 restrictions were lifted.

Animals released for running are usually used in bullfights later in the day. A 2020 survey by Electomania found that 46.7% of Spaniards were in favor of banning bullfighting, 34.7% were not in favor but did not support the legal ban, and 18.6% said they would it had to be maintained.


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