The mayor of KY, who got a lap dance from the students, was sued for a school trip that ended in alleged rape

Kentucky Mayor Hazard and Hazard High School Principal Donald “Happy” Mobelini – seen in photos received a lap dance from a poorly dressed high school student during a “men’s competition” at a recent school assembly – in 2019, he was accused in a lawsuit of failing to properly monitor a school trip during which one student allegedly raped another.

Mobelini and two Hazard High School teachers are sued over a 2017 school trip to New York City and Washington, DC, reports report from Lexington Herald-Leader.

Court records show the jury trial is scheduled for August 2022, the report adds.

The former student states in the lawsuit that Mobelini and two companions of the teacher, when she was younger at Hazard High School in 2017, did not check students at various points during the school trip.

The lawsuit alleges that the students drank and that the victim was physically and sexually assaulted by a classmate. The lawsuit demands that the former student be reimbursed for the distress.

The lawsuit also alleges that Mobelini and other responsible adult students were not “strictly responsible for their conduct” and did not properly investigate the student’s allegations.

Mobelini and the teacher demanded that the lawsuit be dismissed, they report Lexington Herald-Leader.

The lawsuit also alleges that students walked unsupervised through Times Square and that several members of the group bought alcohol when they were on the streets of New York City.

The lawsuit alleges that on October 29, 2017, between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m., a classmate was brought into the room by a classmate between 4 a.m. and 5 p.m., and then physically and sexually assaulted her.

Mobelini was investigated twice in 2008 for alcohol-related incidents involving students, reports Messenger-leader.

In one incident, Herald-Leader reported that photos of Mobelini driving students while smoking and drinking alcohol have surfaced online. In another incident, police caught students drinking alcohol on a school football field moments after the principal left them.

Mobelini did not face the consequences of any of the cases in 2008, as he did not know about the intoxication, the report states. Messenger-leader at the time.

Mobelini faced a negative reaction on Wednesday after photos surfaced online showing him – as well as other school staff members – dancing in the arms of a poorly dressed high school student at the school assembly on Tuesday.

In the second photo, the teens at the assembly were seen dressed in Hooters T-shirts.

Hazard Independent Schools Superintendent Sondra Combs said Wednesday that “appropriate disciplinary action has been taken” following an investigation into controversial photos taken at Hazard High School. reported the Courier Journal.

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