The Southwest Pilot told passengers in Anti-Biden Dig: ‘Let’s go Brandon’: Reporter

A Southwest Airlines The pilot was supposed to tell passengers on Friday after the intercom of the plane: “Let’s go Brandon” – a code sentence that is be exploited means “f ** k Joe Biden. ”

According to the Associated Press, Colleen Long, who said she was on a flight and heard the announcement, the phrase was heralded by some audible breath of passengers on a morning flight from Houston to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Long said tried unsuccessfully to get the pilot’s comment while he’s still on the plane. The airline told her in a later statement that “the conduct of any individual that is disruptive or offensive is not allowed.”

That phrase became PG’s way of insulting Biden after a NASCAR crowd was heard shouting “Fuck Joe Biden” at an event in early October. A reporter at the scene disturbed the crowd by saying “Let’s go, Brandon” in support of driver Brandon Brown after winning his first NASCAR Xfinity Series race.

Friday’s incident may not have been the first time a pilot has made such a statement on a flight like a video posted in TikTok On Oct. 11, he claims to have caught another Southwest Airlines pilot telling passengers “Let’s go Brandon” while greeting them on board.

People who commented on the video said they had similar experiences not only on Southwest flights but also on Delta planes.

Airlines did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s requests for comment on Sunday about the alleged behavior.

Biden’s upcoming COVID-19 vaccination mandate for federal workers, including airline employees, has caused turmoil among Southwest Airline workers.

The airline pilots ’union unsuccessfully this month demanded a temporary ban on approaching the mandate, saying the vaccine could have health side effects that could jeopardize the pilot’s career.

The airline initially announced on October 4 that it would lay off employees who would not fulfill their mandate. He later reversed that threat, saying he would help his workers, who are harmful to the vaccine, gain “accommodation”.

These decisions came in the middle widespread flight disruption, for which the airline blamed bad weather and air traffic control problems, although the cancellations are believed to have been linked to the pilots’ strike over Biden’s vaccination mandate. Southwest denied this claim.


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  1. It happened today again on a flight from Houston Hobby to San Jose Costa Rica. Flight 190. The comment was: “I am a fan of Nascar, so, Let’s go Brandon”. It incited several passengers to cheer and three intoxicated passengers jeered and said “Right ON!” And then went on to say” We’re going to be the ones to give you trouble on this trip, Do you want to deal with us now?” The stewards had a conversation at the front of the plane and the head steward returned to those passengers and gave them a strong warning.
    This pilot needs to be suspended and Southwest needs to follow through on their statement: “Southwest is conducting an internal investigation into the recently reported event and will address the situation directly with any Employee involved while continuing to remind all Employees that public expression of personal opinions while on duty is unacceptable.”
    Time to boycott!!!


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