VIDEO: ‘F * ck Joe Biden’ Chant shakes up the Georgia-Florida match

Georgie fans had a lot to cheer for when they beat their top rival Florida 34-7 on Saturday afternoon, but the cheering they will remember the most had nothing to do with the match.

It was related to Joe Biden.

As the Gators and Bulldogs fought on the pitch, Georgie fans shouted “F * ck Joe Biden” in the stands.

School towns, even in the dark red parts of the south, were bastions of liberal indoctrination and awakened a culture of resignation. So watching the chant against the 46th “F * ck Joe Biden” and his other, more tame cousin, “Let’s Go, Brandon,” spreading so far and fast across the university football landscape, shows how deeply we felt contempt for this president is.

Here are some other notable examples of singing “FJB” at football matches:

The anti-46 vibes were especially strong in Georgia on Saturday, not least because of FJB singing at a football game. But also because former President Trump visited Truist Park in Atlanta and worked with the Braves fans during the 3rd game of the World Series on the “Tomahawk Chop”.

Recently, the White House claimed to be “unfamiliar” with singing “F * ck Joe Biden” despite the fact that Biden himself mentioned cheering at least once.

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