VIDEO: The bride and mother ask the protesters against Sinem to stop ‘destroying’ the wedding

The bride in Arizona and her mother asked protesters before the wedding, which was recently led by Senator Kyrsten Cinema (D-AZ), not to disrupt the event, Fox News reports.

It’s supposed to be a movie trial a wedding for a friend when protesters gathered outside the venue, chanting and holding inscriptions with phrases such as “Cinema betrays Democrats” and “Cinema is for sale!” written on them, according to video incident.

In the video, a woman who looked like a bride told protesters, “Hi, thank you for ruining my wedding. I really appreciate it, ”to which someone outside the camera replied,“ You know what? It’s ruining our lives. “

Moments later, a woman in a red dress asked the protesters to move to the corner for an hour because “this is my daughter’s wedding.”

The protesters seemed to be silent for a while, and then a man was heard yelling at the guests to throw Sinema out of the scene.

“She is an entrepreneur. Throw her out of this place. Come on now, our future is in jeopardy. Everything is in order. You let this woman get out, ”he said.

Protesters recently confronted Cinema to express dissatisfaction with her stance on President Joe Biden’s social services package and climate change, Fox News reports.

Earlier this month, left-wing activists stalked and harassed the senator and followed her to the toilet:

Meanwhile, Sinema spokeswoman Hannah Hurley explained in a statement that the senator “arranged a personal friend’s wedding at which a small group of activists protested during a private ceremony.”

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Cinema nearly stopped Biden’s proposal to move forward, according to a Fox report.

“With the Republican opposition and an evenly divided 50 to 50 Senate, Biden has no free votes and both Democratic senators have insisted on reducing the size of the huge package and pushing for other changes,” the magazine wrote.

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