Wallace from FNC Sen. Rick Scott: If you care about debt, why not repeal Trump’s tax cuts?

Fox News presenter Chris Wallace questioned Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) several times on Sunday’s “Fox News Sunday” for criticizing government debt but supporting former President Donald Trump’s tax cuts.

On President Biden’s plan to build Back Better, Scott said: “This has to end, this is causing inflation. I mean, it affects poor families. It doesn’t hurt the rich. It hurts families like my growing up who had to struggle to put food on the table. That’s ridiculous inflation. Solve it. We have to live to the best of our ability, like any family. “

Wallace said, “Senator, you’re talking about living within your means, you’re talking about debt, you’re talking about deficits. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that Trump’s tax cuts passed in 2017, the year before you were elected to the Senate, will increase the deficit by more than $ 2 trillion in 11 years. So should Trump’s tax cuts be repealed? “

Scott said: “My experience is that I have cut taxes and fees a hundred times over time, by more than $ 10 billion, and I have actually balanced the budget and repaid a third of the government debt. You can do both. “

Wallace interrupted, “But, sir, with respect, when Donald Trump was president, you had a tax cut, which, according to the CBO, added $ 2 trillion to the deficit. And you didn’t have a proportionate reduction in spending. So the question is, if you don’t have a spending cut, should you repeal the tax cut if debt and deficit are so important? “

Scott said, “First of all, I don’t raise taxes for anyone. I want lower taxes. I would like to observe how we spend our money. I have been in the Senate for two years and nine months. The waste is staggering. Americans should be angry about the way money is spent in the Senate and Congress as a whole.

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