Where to find a vacation job

Many companies hire holiday assistance, both to cope with seasonal demand and because of the many regular employees who want to take a vacation at this time of year. This gives you a chance to get a vacation job. Of course, the best thing about vacation services is that they help you pay seasonal bills when they happen, instead of accumulating debts that you’ll regret in January.

Holiday job choices

When looking for a vacation job, you have two basic choices. You can work for a traditional company like e.g. Target,, Costco oz Trader Joe’s, who will hire you as a temporary employee. Or you can basically work for yourself through platforms for performances like e.g. TaskRabbit in Qwick.

The best choice will depend on what you want to do, whether you can commit to a specific schedule, and whether you are looking for employee discounts in addition to pay. After all, if you plan to do a good chunk of holiday shopping at a vendor like TargetA 10% discount for employees can save you a significant amount.

Advantages of employment compared to flexibility

Traditional employers pay taxes on Social Security and Medicare on your behalf. When you work for yourself on most concert platforms, you have to pay those taxes yourself. It costs you about 7.65% of your earnings.

If you work for a traditional employer long enough, you may be eligible for other benefits, including paid leave, health insurance, and a pension plan. In most cases, you would have to continue working in the company after the end of the holiday season to be eligible for benefits. If that’s your goal, make sure you ask potential employers about the likelihood of them staying employed – and getting enough hours to be eligible for benefits – after the season.

Concert work

Ordinary retailers usually require you to stick to a certain schedule. Concert platforms, on the other hand, usually allow you to jump in and out of work when it suits you.

And when you’re employed, your employer sets your salary and determines what you do. When you are self-employed and working through an online recruitment platform, you can often set your salaries or simply turn down jobs that don’t pay as much as you want to earn. Similarly, if you are not attracted to the work on offer, you do not have to accept it when you are doing concert work.

Where to find a vacation job

If you are looking for a temporary job with a traditional employer, the best way to find it is to search for Google »careers + [the company you want to work for]”Or look for job search sites like e.g. Really in Glass door.

The best place to look for a job for holiday performances largely depends on what you want to do.

Create your own performances

Do you want to engage in entrepreneurial work that you design, describe and appreciate? This can include shopping in person, wrapping packages, hanging Christmas lights, or helping families prepare for the holidays.

if so TaskRabbit is probably your best choice. This site allows freelancers to advertise all the services they are qualified for and set their own prices. You take home 100% of the payment. TaskRabbit adds a commission to the customer’s account to cover the costs of the site.

Average rates for some popular holiday jobs, according to TaskRabbit:

  • Christmas tree layout: $ 36 to $ 54 per hour
  • Hanging holiday lights: $ 46 to $ 57 per hour
  • Cleaning and setup for holiday parties: $ 37 to $ 50 per hour
  • Gift wrapping, wrapping / unpacking holiday decorations, writing / addressing holiday greeting cards: $ 23 to $ 31 per hour

Other sites that allow you to design your work and set your prices include Fiverr, a platform specializing in teleworking, and Etsy, a site where artisans can sell clothing, crafts and other products. Both parties charge self-employed commissions for each sale.

A site called HelpAroundTown it also allows workers to find local work or offer their services to neighbors. No one here pays a fee unless they want to highlight their services or jobs with a paid ad. The catch to HelpAroundTown is that although it is theoretically available nationwide, it has gained little grip outside its home state of Massachusetts. Nevertheless, the use is free, so there is little downside to trying it.

Websites like e.g. Instacart in Send we also see a lively demand at this time of year. Both parties pay customers to pick up and deliver food to customers on request. A third party is called Cmok allows customers to plan shopping trips in advance.

Serving food and stock shelves

Shelter jobs and catering services are also increasing during the holiday season. And given that there’s already a shortage of these hourly workers, you’ll probably have plenty of performances to choose from when you sign up. Sites to help you find performances include Qwick in Jitjatjo, staffing restaurants and special events. Blue Crew,, GigSmart, SnagWork in Wonolo to connect seasonal workers with warehousing, trade and event work.

Package delivery

Package delivery sites such as e.g. Amazon Flex in Roadie, are always looking for delivery drivers, and demand is growing during the holidays. Both sides receive mixed assessments of their wages and working conditions, especially when drivers’ costs are high due to rising gas prices. But the job is fairly easy to find and requires little more than a working vehicle and proper insurance.

If you have a truck and muscles to handle large / heavy shipments, GoShare it is also worth considering. The site pays between $ 33 and $ 66 per hour for delivery drivers.

Other sites that allow you to set your own prices for package delivery jobs include Citizen sender in UShip.

Christophe is the editor SideHusl.com, an independent website that reviews earning opportunities in the concert economy.

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