Shocking details emerge about allegations of violent sex against founder Barstool Sports

Detailed allegations of violent sex between several young women and Dave Portnoy, founder of a sports and culture blog Sports chairs, appeared va reports Insider.

They were immediately denied by the 44-year-old media mogul, who described the article as a “blow”, saying he knew from many people contacted that someone was investigating his sexual encounters.

It is in his report Insider spoke to more than a dozen people who know Mr. Portnoy and Barstool Sports, including eight current or former employees and three women who said they had sex with him.

These women claim that the meetings turned into “scary and humiliating experiences that affected their mental health”.

Two claim that Mr. Portnoy strangled and filmed them without permission, while the other claimed that she remained suicidal after their sexual contact.

In a particularly vivid description of one incident that involved suffocation, one of the women said, “I was in pain and I was literally screaming in pain.”

The women are identified in the article with pseudonyms for fear of revenge by Mr. Portnoy and his more ardent fans.

Mr. Portnoy, one of the richest and most powerful personalities digital media, responded to the allegations in an 11-minute video posted on Twitter.

He denies details of the specific incidents mentioned in the article, and denies ever doing anything dissenting, adding that “the culture of revocation has been coming for me for a decade.”

Mr. Portnoy has a reputation for pushing boundaries, which is considered acceptable content online, and many see his brand focused on crude, unfiltered behavior.

In the past two years, he has appeared on three sexually recorded sexually leaked sex videos, the latest involving strangling a woman with a collar and leash, which she later said was consensual.

While Mr. Portnoy has his many opponents, he also has an ardent fan base of mostly young men calling him “El Presidente,” and young women label him in provocative posts to get his attention.

Email to Insider, Barstool Sports’ attorney said many of the allegations in the article “embody half-truths, are very misleading, lack proper context, and appear to have been passed on to you by individuals whose motivation and trust should at least be fully verified.”

Both Mr. Portnoy and Barstool Sports have a long history of controversy, including racist comments, jokes about rape and harassment of slanderers, with the founder declaring in 2020 that he was “irrevocable” after using the word N.

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