Prosecutors say Ahmaud Arbery killed over false “assumptions” of white defendants

More than a year and a half after the assassination of Ahmaud Arbery outraged the state and announced civil rights demonstrations following the assassination of George Floyd, three whites, Gregory and Travis McMichael and William Bryan, began a trial in Georgia.

Prosecutors described to the jury how the men hunted, “caught” and then killed a 25-year-old Black man during a Sunday run near a construction site.

“Greg McMichael said it perfectly. Mr. Arbery was ‘caught like a rat,’ so he told police,” said Attorney General Linda Dunikoski at the Glynn County High Court in Brunswick, Georgia.

The jury consists of 11 whites and one black person. Prosecutors questioned Judge Timothy Wamsley this week to restore eight potential black jurors and argued that defenders had excluded them from the final jury because of the race.

Arbery was on the run in a residential neighborhood in Brunswick on February 23, 2020, when he was shot by the McMichaels, who have no objection to him being shot. But Gregory McMichael told police he believed Arbery looked like a suspect involved in a series of robberies. in the area.

Dunikoski showed a map describing the location of Arbery’s home and where the construction site was. The video shows Arbery walking around a construction site in the Satilla Shores neighborhood and then leaving as neighbors called 911.

Arbery and other people in the neighborhood had previously been filmed near the construction site, but Dunikoski said McMichael’s neighbors told him 12 days before the men shot Arbery that there was no evidence that anything had been taken from the construction site. Instead, she said the father and son acted on the presumption that the Negro was a threat, persecuted Arbery, and shot him in broad daylight when they saw him again near the place.

In 911 he calls the prosecutor’s office played on Friday,,,, Gregory McMichael is heard saying a few moments before he was apparently shot, he says “A Negro Running Through the Streets”.

“They did everything they did based on assumptions. And they made decisions on their driveway that took the young man’s life, “she told the Duniko jury at the beginning of her statement.

The video also shows William Bryan jumping into a truck and chasing Arbery during the incident. Bryan, who is also charged in the case, filmed a video of Arbery’s murder.

Authorities say he was involved in the fateful encounter.

Snapshot then shows men facing Arbery. While playing the video, Dunikoski described how the 25-year-old was shot in the torso as well as the wrist while being surrounded by men.

Arbery was unarmed when he was killed, Dunikoski said. Prosecutors then mentioned that Gregory McMichael said he told Arbery, “Stop it! I’m going to blow your fucking head off! “In a statement to police.

“At this point, Mr. Arbery is under attack. With all three gentlemen, “Dunikoski said. “Sir. Arbery couldn’t even call for help, even if he wanted to, because he didn’t have a cell phone with him.

After a video of the murder, Arbery’s mother Wanda Cooper-Jones cried in the courtroom.

Following mass protests against racism and police brutality following the murders of George Floyd and Breonne Taylor, the trial of Arbery’s murderers is now an important example of racial relations in America.

It took more than two months for McMichael and Bryan to be arrested.

All three men from Georgia are charged with a federal felony of hatred and attempted kidnapping in Arbery’s death. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation also charged them with the felony of murder. They were arrested more than 70 days after a video of Arbery’s murder went viral on social media.



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