Why do babies cry? Come on, let’s decipher


Worried when your toddler starts crying? The baby may or may not be hungry! Identify other possible reasons for this.

Even before your child can speak, he will show signs of hunger or satiety. Understanding the baby’s signs of hunger is important so you can place him on the breast while he is still calm. This technique is called responsive feeding.

Here you need to look out for any hints that your bundle of joy might give you and respond to it immediately. In this type of feeding, feed the baby in the right way and let him stop when he is full.

Responsive feeding is very important for the overall development and nutrition of a baby. Here you just have to provide and the rest will be decided by your child.

Pay attention to the signs of hunger in your child.

The little ones have their own way of informing you by becoming more active or alert or when trying to keep their eyes open. Some other signs are when they put their hands to their mouth, turn their head towards the breast, have their hands clenched and their arms more pulled towards their mouth and chest, or when you notice them crying when there is a delay in feeding.

Not every crying baby is hungry and not every hungry baby necessarily cries

Every time an apple wrinkles or purses your lips, it doesn’t mean it’s a baby hungry. It should be related to the interval between the last feedings and the baby’s urination. Such action in the infant immediately or within 1 1/2 hours after the last feeding, with good urinary excretion, excludes hunger. It should be ignored then.

Feeding is not the only solution to coping a crying baby. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Signs of understanding that the child is full

When the stomach is full, the baby is easily distracted and turns his head away from the breast. They even close their mouths, often unlocking and slowing down while sucking. The most common sign is that they relax their arms, spread their fingers, and then try to spit. So always pay attention to these signs.

Why is my baby crying?

The myth is that if a baby cries, he is hungry and there is not enough food. The truth is that hunger is the last reason for a baby to cry.

There are several other reasons why your toddler may start crying. Some babies want to be touched by the body and want to be chosen by mom and dad. Sometimes uncomfortable clothing / excessive wrapping and wet / dirty diapers can cause crying. In winter, the most common reason is cold. They can also be pediatric colic.

What to do when a baby cries?

One of the most common parenting questions is, what to do when a baby cries? You may receive different answers, remember, maybe everything is fine. So when your toddler is crying, don’t panic and take a deep breath.

  • Sometimes they need attention and love.
  • Crying can be caused by lack of sleep or noise. Just relax and try to find the right answer.
  • A child who is otherwise well between episodes of crying, thrives well, and has no localized abnormalities on physical examination does not need further evaluation.
  • A toddler may just need proper skin-to-skin contact. Practice caring for a kangaroo with your mother or any family member.
  • After that, teach your child to dress appropriately. Do not wrap the baby too tightly and pay attention to the overheated surroundings.
  • Continue to check for dirty diapers and perform skin care hygiene.
  • Use saline nasal drops to clean a stuffy nose.
  • If you think your baby has fallen from anywhere, check to see if he or she is injured.
  • Colic is not a diagnosis. It is a clinical condition. If necessary, consult a doctor. Do not use home remedies or herbal preparations for this.

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Check for diapers that are dirty or a stuffy nose. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Last words

There is no cure to prevent any baby from crying. Bottle feeding is not a solution for every crying baby. Try to understand your child, give him warmth and touch when needed. Finally, follow your doctor’s advice when needed.




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