20 retail stocks you can buy for a record holiday season


It will be a record holiday shopping season like none before.

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This is the message conveyed to us by all the major retail analytical companies in the world. The National Retail Federation, for example, predicts that retail sales will increase by about 10% year-on-year during this holiday season – compared to an average growth of about 4% over the past five years.

Adobe calls for a 10% increase in e-commerce sales this holiday season to a new record – an impressive increase from last year’s 33% increase.

Klarna A 2021 holiday shopping survey found that more than a third of shoppers expect to spend more on gifts in 2021 than in 2020, while Deloitte the report showed that holiday sales will increase by a very impressive 8% this year, due to particularly high spending among the younger generations.

Big picture? This will be a great holiday shopping season.

Delayed demand is real. Interest rates are low. Savings rates are rising. Consumer confidence is strong. You have exactly what you need to increase your holiday spending.

As investors, we must therefore ask ourselves: How do we play that wave? What are the most popular retail stocks to buy this holiday season?

They are at the top of my list resale platforms, because of this little thing you’ve probably heard of, called “supply chain challenges”. Ring the bell? Almost every retailer today talks about supply chain challenges. Well, it’s more than just a conversation. The prevalence of messages that are not in stock increased by as much as 172% during the holiday season, Adobe reports.

I don’t know about you, but I hate receiving messages that aren’t in stock. So do most consumers.

Therefore, most consumers will switch to shopping platforms where such messages do not exist during this holiday season: resale platforms, e.g. Etsy (NASDAQ:ETSY), Poshmark (NASDAQ:POSH), ThredUp (NASDAQ:TDUP), The RealReal (NASDAQ:REAL), in eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY). Shopify (NYSE:TRADE) in BigCommerce (NASDAQ:BIGC) could win a lot here as well, as they probably run some resale platforms.

So, this is the first big trend I’ve focused on this holiday season. Resale. Resale. Resale.

It’s another social shopping. Numerous studies show that younger generations are willing to spend a lot of money during this holiday season, perhaps because they saved a ton of money during Covid by living with their parents, and / or because they earned a ton of money by betting on Ethereum.

Either way, young people will be spending a lot of money this holiday season.

It is now very well documented that these young people like to shop online and especially like to shop through social media channels. It looks like this holiday season will only underscore this advantage, as a McKinsey survey found that 87% of Generation Z shoppers will use social media this year to inspire holiday shopping.

That’s why I’m on social shopping platforms – platforms like this – during this holiday season He snaps (NYSE:SNAP), Pinterest (NYSE:PINS), Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), in Meta (NASDAQ:FB).

The third big retail trend you can take to view this holiday shopping is metaverse. Some of the best toys this holiday season include toys with AR such as Tamagotchi Pix and Got2Glow Fairy Finder. Meanwhile, VR headphones were so popular that they are now basically sold out everywhere.

So if you strongly believe in metaverses, now may be the right time to buy Roblox (NASDAQ:RBLX) – as we see that the adoption and use of the Roblox platform is greatly increasing during this holiday season, as the general consumer awareness of the metaverse is increasing.

The fourth big retail trend I observe is the explosion Buy now, pay later services. Their use increased in 2022, and most research suggests that this increase will continue into the holiday season. One PYMNTS survey, for example, found that the use of BNPL is expected to almost double during this holiday season.

Some strong choices in the BNPL space include Confirm (NASDAQ:AFRM), PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL), in Square (NASDAQ:SQ) – the latter looks really attractive at current levels.

Other, smaller retail trends that I’m following this holiday season include an increase in TV purchases due to a rather large drop in prices on Roku (NASDAQ:ROKU), launch Switch OLED from Nintendo (OTCMKTS:NTDOY), the constant hot popularity of AirPods from Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), and a renewed interest in buying experience as a gift in what could be a big wind for Living people (NYSE:LYV) in Expedia (NASDAQ:EXPE).

Now, let’s be clear: we believe that these 20 retail shares represent good investment opportunities – but not the best investment opportunities.

This is because the best investment opportunities do not stem from the trend of holiday shopping that can come and go; instead, they stem from a world-changing technological innovation that will evolve over the next few years, impact people’s personal and professional lives, and ultimately create tremendous economic value for shareholders.

In short, the best investment opportunities are in the early stages of technology disrupters.

Like this $ 3 tiny stock that I believe is the biggest technological breakthrough in our lives: creating forever battery which will allow electric vehicles to travel thousands of miles to keep your phone charging for weeks and keep your home running solely on clean energy.

It’s a technological breakthrough like no other – and an investment opportunity that could attract millionaires.

So, buy yourself a gift this holiday season and for just $ 3 you can buy a ticket to financial independence.

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Luke Lango did not hold (directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article at the date of publication.


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