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The number of McDonald’s located within America’s largest retail chain has been steadily declining over the past decade, but once upon a time, there were 1,000 of these restaurants within Walmart locations across the country. At the height of this large partnership, it is estimated that one of Walmart’s three stores contained McDonald’s.

But in 2010, the concept began to decline. From 2012 to 2017, the number of McDonald’s in Walmart stores decreased from 875 to 630, Grocery Dive reports.

With all this open space, other fast food and restaurant chains took the opportunity to move in. This year was a share of the big openings at Walmart – here are 12 restaurants you can now get as you walk through the doors of the blue building.

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Nathan’s Famous / Facebook

As early as April, the fast food chain Nathan’s Famous, known for its distinctive hot dogs and fries, has announced that it will add 100 new locations in Walmart stores in 2021. This extension included a partnership with Ghost Kitchen Brands, fast food services. Because Ghost Kitchen Brands is headquartered in the northern neighbor of the U.S., the deal was initially tested at Walmart Canada, but was presented to Walmart in Rochester, NY in September.

“Our business is based on delivering innovative offerings that give our customers the experience they are looking for,” said Darryl Spinks, senior director of retail services at Walmart US. statement according to Supermarket news. “We are excited to expand our relationship with Ghost Kitchens to continue to offer customers new and exciting food options while providing the comfort our customers need.”

According to a The age of the chain store Article,, Nathan plans to increase it to 150 locations by next year. Most of these will be in Walmart stores, and some locations will offer seats, but all locations will be equipped with pick-up and delivery services.

In the same report, James Walker, senior vice president of restaurants at Nathan’s Famous, said: “We are excited to continue our expansion across the U.S. and Canada, and this partnership with Ghost Kitchen Brands further enhances our footprint.”


Salatworks was one of the first chains to be introduced to Walmart through the Ghost Kitchens contract and its first Walmart location is in Rochester, NY. The salad chain began opening locations in 2019 in non-traditional venues such as Walmart, Progressive Grocer reports.

Eric Lavinder, head of development for WOWorks, the parent company of Saladworks, said the partnership allows “Guests [to] continue to receive the same hospitality and healthy experience as they have in our stand-alone restaurants, but with even greater accessibility and comfort at Walmart locations. ”

Saladworks has more than 150 locations across America, 40 of which opened last year alone.

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Fruit bowl
Courtesy of Frutta Bowls / Facebook

Frutta Bowls has the same parent company as Saladworks, WOWWorks. Frutta Bowls is also located in Rochester Walmart, but has more than 30 other locations in the United States Customers at Walmart can now enjoy food items such as smoothies, acai bowls and protein bites after shopping.

While Saladworks is no stranger to non-traditional venues, the contract with Walmart is the first for Frutta Bowls. “We’re excited to make our debut again for Saladworks within the big retailer and the first for Frutta Bowls,” Lavinder said. Progressive Grocer report. “These partnerships have proven to be amazing opportunities for WOWorks and we look forward to the growth that will result from this opening.”

Hissho Sushi & Wine Bar
Courtesy of Hissho Sushi & Wine Bar / Facebook

A sushi restaurant opened last year first Walmart location in Rogers, Ark. Since then, Hissho Sushi & Wine Bar opens locations within other locations, like August, when Walmart hailed Hissho as a “full-service restaurant” in Plan, Texas [offering] custom sushi and wine selection, ” Community Impact Magazine reports.

“The Japanese- and Asian-inspired menu is extensive, offering nigiri, sashimi, maki rolls, special rolls, appetizers, dim sum, bento and desserts. Their drinks menu includes a selection of beers and wines priced from $ 5 to $ 6,” according to the Dallas Observer.

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Dominos pizza boxes

Back in April, The Wall Street Journal reported that Domino’s is already in 30 Walmart stores across the country. In the same report, it was explained that the pizza company was approaching the mega-chain because Domino’s had an interest in extending its reach to Walmart’s loyal customers in otherwise hard-to-reach areas in all 50 countries.

la madeleine
Courtesy of La Madeleine

April has been a busy month at Walmart locations as a retail chain piloted La Madeleine French Bakery & Cafe in 10 stores across Texas. The café inside Walmart will serve as a quick location for the chain across the country.

“We are very excited about Walmart’s curated customer food experience,” La Madeleine CEO Lionel Ladouceur said in a statement. “We look forward to making the DFW community even more comfortable enjoying the La Madeleine experience, while also introducing our French comfort food to Walmart customers looking for more varied dishes.”

The bakery chain continues to open express locations in Walmart and Ladouceur explained Denton Record Chronicle that the decision to expand La Madeline through Walmart sites will be assessed next year.

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taco bell

One of the largest chains to enter Walmart stores is Taco Bell. “We definitely want to introduce new and exciting brands,” said Avani Dudhia, a Walmart spokesman in Supermarket news Report.

While Taco Bell is still testing its Walmart locations, there has been no word on the official launch date of the coexistence brands.

Wow Bao
Courtesy of Wow Bao

Wow Bao already has 200 locations across the United States, and now this chain of quick opportunities is bringing stickers for pots, bao buns and dumplings to Walmart stores. All of these locations will offer pick-up and delivery services, and some will have indoor dining.

“We are excited to be able to accelerate our expansion across the U.S. and Canada with this important partnership and innovator at Ghost Kitchen Brands,” said Geoff Alexander, President and CEO of Wow Bao, as stated QSR.

Since 2019, the chain has grown from six to 300 locations. Wow Bao is well on its way to opening 1,000 locations by the end of 2021 with the Ghost Kitchen contract, Dive Restaurant reports.

Shawarma Press
Courtesy of Shawarma Press

This Texas brand has been operating at its Irving location for the past five years and plans to add seven locations to Walmart stores.

The Mediterranean chain was founded in 2017. “We are excited that more people are actively looking for authentic, ethnic dishes as part of their regular diet,” Sawsan Abublan, one of the co-founders, said in a statement. “Because our fresh menu products are made in-house and are liked by a wide variety of tastes and dietary preferences, we are ready for rapid growth and expansion over the next few years.”

Eat it, not it! previously reported “Additional moves are really on the horizon for Shawarma Press. As the growing chain adds more locations in Texas next year, it will also expand to Florida and Oklahoma. Arlington, Georgetown, Plano and San Antonio restaurants are being added as we speak, and additional locations in Irving, Frisco and Mansfield are set to open next year. Some of these restaurants will be in Walmart stores. “

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Wendy's Walmart Hamburger Stand
Courtesy of Walmart

Although McDonald’s is on its way from Walmart, Wendy’s is on its way, with a location already open in Heath, Ohio. At Walmart, shoppers can now find a new version of the beloved Wendy’s called Wendy’s Hamburger Stand.

“Wendy’s first and only hamburger stand of its kind talks about the life of ‘BYO,'” the fast food chain said earlier Eat it, not it!,, “Where we welcome customers to put together everything from their Nugget size and desired flavor and dream burger from start to finish.”

This type of Wendy’s has a unique but limited menu, including strawberry frosting or a dessert topped with Lucky Charms. Or to satisfy a craving for spice, Wendy’s Hamburger Stand also offers Jalapeno Popper chicken nuggets.

Later this year, another Walmart in Ohio is expected to open another version of Wendy’s, called Wendy’s Snack Shop, which will further simplify the menu by eliminating salads and baked potatoes.


Charleys has 600 locations in 47 states and 16 states. This big brand, known for cheese steaks, chicken wings and gourmet fries, opened a location in Walmart, Columbus, Ohio, and added more locations this year. V Fast casual report: “The design of the restaurant at 3900 Morse Rd. focuses not only on food, but on fun family experiences, including arcade games and whimsical design elements, according to the company’s press release.”

The brand plans to open 10 more restaurants within Walmart next year.

Surfin 'Chicken
Courtesy of Surfin ‘Chicken

This chain, based in Croatia, will make its US debut at Walmart in Fort Worth, Texas. The brand was established in 2009 and has more than 60 locations in 20 countries. Outside America, the brand is called “Surf ‘N’ Fries”, but for its launch in Texas, it is being redesigned to make the restaurant sell chicken compared to seafood, CultureMap Dallas he says. In addition to fried chicken, the menu also includes mozzarella sticks, breakfast and desserts.

In the same report, the article explains, “An important distinguishing point is their use of fryers, which create the desired texture of fried food but without oil.”

According to Carrie Sams, president of U.S. operations, the Fort Worth location is the first of 12 Texas-based locations to be in Walmarts. “The opening of the Garland store will only be the start of a long-term plan to open more than 350 locations in Walmarts over the next five years,” Sams says.

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