Ayurveda suggests that these spices remain protected from winter troubles


If indigestion or cold make winter unbearable, help yourself with spices recommended by Ayurveda.

Early winter or Hemanta Ritu is a time that Ayurveda considers to be good for digestion and immunity is better than spring or rainy season. It is recommended to eat a lot of seasonal legumes and spices such as elaichi (cardamom), dalchini (cinnamon) and tejpatta (bay leaf) to balance your kapha. It is also time to prepare your body for the spring season and work on immunity by eating well so that your body can be deterred from infections.

Dr. Zeel Gandhi, an Ayurvedic doctor and formulator for Vedix, suggests herbs in a telephone conversation with HT Digital, spices and other foods to be eaten in the early winter season to boost immunity and retain heat.

Dr. Gandhi says that during the winter season, kapha – which is made up of water and earth – increases in the body. However, kapha, according to an Ayurvedic expert, will not get sick during the season. He says that just as the icy ice begins to melt around the sankranta when the sun rises, so does the solidified kapha of the body begin to melt and flow, leading to colds and coughs around the spring season.

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“If you take care of Kapha in the early winters, you won’t get sick in the spring season and you can avoid intense infections in the case of Covid,” says Dr. Gandhi.

Herbs for three prakriti

An Ayurveda expert says that herbs can be very helpful in maintaining the flow of kapha and health, while at the same time making sure that we do not store a lot of kapha in the body and keep it healthy.

“For Kapha people, the best herbs to use this season are trikatu – black pepper (kali mirch), ginger (adhrakh) and long pepper (pippali), ”says dr. Gandhi.

For people, Pitta says they should avoid a lot of trikat as it can increase the heat in them, which is not good for pitta. An Ayurveda expert suggests Trisugandhi – elaichi, dalchini, tejpatta.

“Vate and kapha can certainly use trikatu, while the latter can also take triphalo with them,” says Dr. Gandhi.

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Winter spices: cinnamon, turmeric, pepper

Winter is a time when you can enjoy a lot of cinnamon spices in your food, turmeric in pepper. “You can take cinnamon-flavored chocolate milk and the famous turmeric latte with a lot of pepper, as turmeric with piperine is better absorbed,” says the expert, and recommends adding hot or warm milk with a little ghee.

In addition to these spices, an Ayurveda expert advises us to make good use of the excellent digestion this season, with which our system is blessed, and to load up on fats and herbs to balance the kapha dosha in the body.

Other foods that dr. Gandhi asks that we enjoy them this season, they are legumes and vegetables like moong and matar. “Given that there are a lot of vegetables that are easily accessible, you can make soup out of it,” he signs.




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