Klopp promises the cases of Covid Liverpool and asks Man Utd and Tottenham


Klopp has revealed that he is still waiting for other tests by Virgil van Dijk, Fabinho and Curtis Jones, who missed Thursday night’s match due to a positive side-flow result.

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Klopp is happy that Liverpool continue to play – for now

Jurgen Klopp says there is simply no room in the crowded football program to stop Premier League with increasing Covid infections in clubs.

However, while Liverpool the manager insists that “from a moral point of view” vaccination of players must be “mandatory”, acknowledging that little can be done by the authorities to introduce austerity measures to combat the widespread spread of the virus.

In a passionate response to the crisis, which has decimated the best flight schedules over the weekend, he said:

  • It is the moral duty of society to stab it
  • Persuasive power must still be used instead of coercion
  • All clubs need to be more open about cases
  • The mysterious stance of Spurs and Manchester United is “weird” and “misleading”
  • “Amazing how aggressive” is the position of anti-vaxxers
  • Liverpool will lead in a detailed description of their covid cases

Virgil van Dijk and Fabinho, along with Curtis Jones, missed out on Newcastle


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On Friday, Klopp revealed that he is still waiting for other trials at Virgil van Dijk, Fabinho and Curtis Jones. who missed Thursday night’s match due to a positive side-flow result.

But he insisted it would not be a mystery, as he believes in United and Tottenham was. He said, “We have nothing to hide. We know that currently three players are probably not available.

“And if they are not available, we will say so. If they are false positives, we will say so and they are available now.

“I really think sharing information is quite useful because I think all the misleading and misleading information is misleading a lot of people.

Manchester United had a few players but I have no idea about the players, I don’t know who at Tottenham – we have no information, I have no idea if they coached today.

“Just tell me how it is and then move on from there. Is there a solution? I don’t see it at the moment, but transparency helps. “

Klopp was asked if the Premier League should be suspended to maintain the integrity of the competition, and his response was empathetic.

Klopp is currently not in favor of stopping the Premier League



“I don’t know when all these matches will be played. Where is the place to play them? Stopping the league means missing five or six games [in] two weeks probably? So when do you want to play them?

“(Currently) we don’t think we shouldn’t play on Sunday, honestly, but if we have six, seven or eight more cases, then we can’t play. Who doesn’t want to play for two weeks? Everything is not so simple.

“I’m not against stopping the league, I just don’t see a 100% benefit from it. There are different levels between stopping the league and continuing. “

Klopp was also enthusiastic about vaccination and called against vaxxers when he said: “From a moral point of view it should be mandatory for every person, in my opinion, but it is not from a legal point of view if it makes sense.

“No, it’s a matter of persuasion. I’m 54 years old – and I really believe that you can convince people of the right things, but in this particular case, I’m not sure.

“It’s amazing how aggressive the waxing scene is and how clear they are with all things, they obviously know better than the rest of us, it’s really tricky.

“So no, I don’t think it should be legally binding, but morally yes.”

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