Give up these 7 bad morning habits today to lead a healthy 2022 year


Everyone has a morning routine. You might start the day with a cup of coffee and someone else with a glass of drink. So take a look at some of the toxic morning habits you should give up.

A stable morning routine determines how productive and successful your day will be. But this new beginning is very easy to break with some of our habits. It is accepted that there are good and bad habits. Good habits lead to a healthy routine, while bad habits can drain positive energy and set the tone for an unproductive day.

Waking up in the morning can be for some problems. In addition, home work routines (WFH) have also put life in an imbalance. Are you aware of the bad habits you are following? If not, read on!

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Kiran Dalal, chief clinical nutritionist at Fortis Escorts Hospital in Faridabad, says, “Make health a priority in life and give up these toxic morning habits that can affect your health.”

The following toxic habits need to be changed for a better and healthier life:

According to the expert, these habits are probably for your day playing a spoiled sport:

1. Press the snooze button

We all know napping is awful, but we do it a few times every morning. When you press the snooze button on the alarm and fall back asleep, you actually wake up feeling more tired than usual. Your body and mind become more tired. So try to practice to wake up when the alarm goes off, and never press the snooze button.

2. Drink coffee immediately

Caffeine is naturally found in plants such as tea, coffee and cocoa, soft drinks in products containing cocoa or chocolate. If used too much, it can cause sleep problems, anxiety and mood swings. In addition, high caffeine consumption is associated with adverse effects on heart health and an increased incidence of cancer.

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3. Skip breakfast

People believe that skipping breakfast helps with weight loss. But, sorry if I mention you, skipping breakfast leads to overeating, which could lead to obesity and lead to diabetes and heart disease. Research shows that people who have a morning meal tend to consume more vitamins, minerals, and less fat and cholesterol. This often results in a leaner body, lower cholesterol and less chance of overeating. Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day.

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A rich breakfast can make your day easier. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Physical inactivity

If you are sitting all the time, you are at risk of various health problems. Increasing physical activity reduces the risk of health problems such as unhealthy weight gain and obesity, heart attack, certain cancers, asthma, breathing problems, osteoporosis, mental health problems such as stress anxiety and depression. Exercise at least 30 minutes of moderate activity each day to stay healthy.

5. Do not drink water

Insufficient drinking of water can cause headache, dizziness, sunken eyes, low blood pressure, increased heart rate, etc. Adequate water intake can keep your skin hydrated, improve capillary blood flow, cleanse your colon, increase energy, fight infections and help with digestion. It is recommended that you first consume at least 1-2 glasses of water in the morning to stay healthy.

6. Smoking

Smoking is not only harmful to your health, but also mental health. Cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc. there are some side effects of smoking. Instead of smoking, add an exercise routine, even a simple walk will help distract you from smoking.

morning habits
Smoking is an open invitation to lung cancer, Image Courtesy; Shutterstock

7. Check your phone

About 80 percent of smartphone users check their cell phones every morning within 15 minutes of waking up. This interferes with your ability to start your day calmly, and also affects your health and productivity.

So if you want to start 2022 positively, give up these habits before entering the new year.




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