4 weird but weight loss friendly food combinations


Take a look at these food combinations recommended by experts, which may seem unusual, but can lead to a healthy and tasty weight loss path.

Since childhood, we all try unusual combinations of foods. Remember the ice cream in the soda? But now that we’re adults and tending to healthier things, what if we tried some weird but healthy food combinations? These can be nutritious, delicious and even help with weight loss!

Here is a list of some food combinations that may not only turn out delicious, but are full of nutrients and help with weight loss. While these unusual food combinations may sound strange, they are actually foods that work together in unexpected ways. Dietitian Vidhi Chawla shared some combinations of foods in a video for HealthShots that are not only delicious but can also help with weight loss.

Chawla exclaims, “Trying a weird food combination could be a good experience, but have you heard of bizarre food combinations? If not, here are some amazing suggestions to help you lose weight and have fun with combinations. ”

Combinations of foods that can help with weight loss

1. Apple and peanut butter:

  • If you have a high level of metabolism, your weight loss path takes place much faster. It speeds up your metabolism, which is a good way to lose weight. Therefore, foods that speed up metabolism should always be included.
  • Apples are one of the richest sources of fiber and antioxidants. It also keeps you hydrated as it contains 86 percent water.
  • Peanut butter contains monounsaturated fats which keeps you lean and makes you eat foods and polyunsaturated fats that help improve insulin metabolism.
These foods can very well increase your endurance. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Eggs and grapefruit

  • Eggs are a great source of low-calorie protein, which keeps you full and saturated for longer.
  • Because grapefruit is a citrus, it keeps you hydrated and you have the perfect breakfast package that will put your body in fat burning mode.
  • Grapefruit also contains phytochemicals that help the immune system work and help the body break down sideways.

3. Hardened whole grain bread, avocado and plain pepper

  • Avocado sounds like a trendy food topic, but it has more quality than just turning on the lights on social media. Avocados maintain cholesterol and weight, as they are rich in fiber.
  • Hardened whole grain bread contains folate, iron, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium and protein. Hardened grains may also have less starch and are easier to digest than ordinary grains.
  • If you add a pinch of pepper, season and taste the dishes, and this spice also helps with weight loss.
  • This common advantage of this combination of foods is that they stay full and saturated, resulting in less appetite.
unusual food combinations
Start the day with a delicious note with avocado toast. Image for representative purposes

4. Apple, spinach and ginger

  • Apples are full of antioxidants and fiber and can be we enjoy it along with low-calorie spinach. It is full of fiber that works wonders when it comes to losing extra pounds.
  • Adding a small piece of ginger adds flavor and many other beneficial properties. Ginger contains phytonutrients that help you burn fat.
  • Eat these three by turning them into a fresh glass of smoothie. This is just the drink you need for your weight loss journey.




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