Are you sulking over the gym ban? Make 100 year olds this year to start your weight loss journey


The fly jack is a 3-step movement that allows you to tighten your upper body in a short time. It’s best not to miss these horrific push-ups anymore.

If you also think that the exercises that make your muscles cry out loud are the ones that make the cut, it’s time to break this myth. Here’s the truth – it’s not exercise, but its intensity that determines calorie burning. There is no shortage of exercises in the HIIT universe; there is something for everyone. In fact, if you belong to the “I Hate Burpees and Squats” group, HIIT has one move ready for you that might come in handy. And that move is – fly jacks.

Fly jack is a version of jumping jack. This means that your lower body is moving along similar lines, but your upper body needs to level out with your movements. Simple? Really!

Come and dive in and get to know how flycatchers are here to help you lose weight.

If you are thinking of toning your upper body, then jumping and its variants is something you need to include in your daily routine. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3 easy steps to ace fly jacks

Your legs will move just like jumping jacks. The movement of the hands will be different. So come and learn.

Step 1: Stand up straight with your legs together. Open your arms in a sideways position, making a straight line with your shoulders.

Step 2: Jump open your legs and raise your arms forward so that your palms are flat.

Step 3: Jump again and close your legs. Raise your arms straight with your shoulder.

Now repeat.

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Here’s how much you can do: If you are at the beginner level, do 25 reps and 5 sets. If you are intermediate, 50 reps and 5 sets, and if you are at advanced level, 100 reps and 5 sets.

Lose weight as soon as possible! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Pressure points

A simple exercise like that aircraft it actually has the ability to drive the best results, but only if you do it right. You need to remember a few points while running:

  1. Keep the body tight

    You need to keep your arms, legs, buttocks, back, chest and core tense. This will help strengthen your muscles. Greater tightness will lead to better muscle formation and faster weight loss.

  2. Consider your shape

    If you follow the above rule, there is very little chance of losing your form. But sometimes when you accelerate, you also lose your shape. This leads to a fall that can bend the leg / ankle. Or you may not achieve effective results.

  3. Go to the full range of motion

    If you do anything half-hearted, it will bring you such a result. And we don’t want that, do we? So make sure your legs and arms are not bent at any time. When you raise your arms forward, make sure they are straight and apply extra pressure while moving back and forth to awaken your chest and upper back muscles.

Why are flycatchers as good as push-ups?

We know you literally hate push-ups, especially those that whine and scream to reach 100. Now that means you need an alternative that may be simple but has a similar effect. You know why we sing sweet songs for flycatchers.

If you find it difficult to do push-ups, try kneeling. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Fly jacks literally target every muscle in the chest and upper back. So it won’t go wrong to call it a composite exercise. Another thing is that due to its movement in the front and back, it also helps to reduce that stubborn fat under the armpits, which is also promising push-ups.

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But here’s the catch, which makes flycatchers even better than push-ups, so they also work on the sides, buttocks and legs. In push-ups, these muscles are directed in a very small way, but in fly jacks they fall under the main muscle target group due to foot movement.

So it won’t be completely wrong to call dibs on fly jacks.

Girls! Unfortunately, it seems that we could soon be hit by a new prison. So you can’t go to the gym or outdoors. And we will not leave your New Year’s vows in vain. Therefore, we recommend that you try fly jacks and make your makeover easier.




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