The year 2022 is all about gratitude for Shilpo Shetty


Shilpa Shetty Kundra believes in the power of gratitude. In 2022, she intends to admit all the little things she is grateful for.

Gratitude is a powerful positive force that reminds us of all the good things we have in life. Counting blessings and finding happiness in small things can be the path to a happy and successful life. In the age of Covid-19, gratitude is the healthiest and most thoughtful practice we can practice in life for healthy family relationships and a positive mind. And Shilpa Shetty Kundra does just that!

Shilpa Shetty, who has given us a huge amount of fitness goals in 2021, has decided to practice gratitude in the new year and take it seriously. Her first post for the series was grateful for the love she gets from her toddlers.

Shilpa, a mother of two, shared a picture of her children embracing her, writing, “The last two years have been a toboggan ride for all of us. This year I want to record the greatest and smallest blessings that life gives me, for which I am grateful. ”

One of two images from Shilpa’s post shows a picture of a diary with a mother and baby on the left, along with a message of gratitude for her toddlers that says, “Grateful for: cuddling with my toddlers.”

“Start this series with the most invaluable blessing of my life: cuddling with my toddlers. Forever grateful for two halves of my heart “

Shilpa’s post is a great example of adding gratitude to our lives, especially family and children.

Check out his Instagram post here:

Here are the reasons why gratitude is important:

  • According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Psychiatry, Gratitude, and Wellbeing, Benefits of Gratitude, “Most empirical studies suggest that there is a link between gratitude and a sense of general well-being.” The daily practice of gratitude can have many benefits.
  • Gratitude is important for physical, mental and emotional well-being. Gratitude makes you happier and stronger. It helps people feel more positive emotions enjoy a good experience, improve your health, deal with problems and build strong relationships.
Starting the day with gratitude can change lives. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

How can gratitude improve our lives?

1. Retains toxic emotions:

Negative emotions such as anger, envy, jealousy increase toxicity in life. It is therefore important that we do not allow negative emotions to take the helm of life and intensify more positivity around us. The daily practice of gratitude makes us more positive and even improves our mental well-being.

2. It helps you have more hope and feel better in your life:

Practicing gratitude is a great way to remember how good you are. Remembering ourselves and counting on a small blessing has helped a lot in maintaining a healthy attitude towards life.

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3. It helps you expand your social network:

Gratitude helps you build important bonds with the people around you. Your positivity is reflected in your relationship, and acknowledging the other person’s efforts can improve your relationships, both romantic and platonic, as well as in your workspace.

We build a healthy relationship with our partner through the daily practice of gratitude! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Improves physical health:

The practice of gratitude can be good for your mental health. It improves your mind and physical well-being as it produces more hormones of happiness in your body. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body. Therefore, adding the practice of gratitude is a mental activity that is good for a healthy brain.




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