7 crypts to be doubled in 2022


Cryptocurrencies have had tough times in the last few months. Many have fallen by 50% or more, and those with large market capitalizations are also affected. This article will discuss 7 cryptocurrencies that will double in 2022.

For many cryptocurrencies, this would essentially mean a return to previous heights. As you well know, a stock or cryptocurrency needs to rise by 100% after falling 50%, only to return to where it was before. But I will also discuss some of the reasons or catalysts that will push these 7 crypts higher or back to their previous heights.

By the way, that doesn’t mean I don’t anticipate some of these cryptocurrencies will continue to fall from here. However, I expect that given the robust nature of their blockchain development, they will turn around. By the end of the year, their prices are expected to be at least 100% higher than they are now.

So, without delay, here are 7 crypts that I think will double in 2022:

Let’s dig deeper and take a look at these.

7 crypts likely to double: Bitcoin (BTC-USD)

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market capitalization: $ 809.9 billion

Bitcoin fell to $ 42,783 on the BTC-USD token from the highest price of $ 68,622 since Nov. 10. This is a drop of 37.65% in just two months. That’s at a former high of $ 63,109 in April. What’s more, from the lowest value Bitcoin reached on Jan. 8 at $ 40,855, it fell 40.5%.

In other words, if Bitcoin were to rise straight back to its former peak, it would rise by more than 60%. In addition, I suspect that if this happens, the price is likely to rise further. For example, last year Bitcoin had two of the biggest events of the year. The second was about 10% higher than the first.

So if that happens in 2022, expect to see at least two more peaks. This could easily bring Bitcoin 70% to 90% higher than its price now. As a result, the cryptocurrency would be higher than its lowest value.

Ethereum (ETH-USD)

Conceptual image of Ethereum token mining (ETH).

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market capitalization: $ 390 billion

At $ 3,234 on January 11, Ethereum is now one-third lower than the previous November 10 summit of $ 4,844. That’s after he reached another 2021 peak on May 10 at $ 4,168. This is almost a copy of what happened to Bitcoin, as the second peak in 2021 was more than 16% higher than the first.

As a result, I suspect there will be at least two summits in 2022, as there will be in 2021. If Ethereum were to climb to the previous summit, that would mean a 50% increase. Assuming these two peaks are higher than the previous ones, it could push ETH-USD 70% to 80% above today’s price.

In addition, Ethereum could finally move to a transaction verification system for transactions in 2022, as I recently wrote. He may also find a way to reduce transaction costs and speed up transaction times.

If these events happen, expect ETH-USD to rise. It may even begin to approach the valuation of Bitcoin, although this could take years. There is no doubt that Etherium needs to find a solution in the long run for its high commissions and long transaction times.

7 crypto to duplicate: Solana (SOL-USD)

Macro shot of a physical coin from the cryptocurrency Solana (SOL-USD)

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market capitalization: $ 46.8 billion

Solana had a pretty good year in 2021. After the start of 2021 at $ 1.8421, SOL-USD ended the year at $ 172.79. However, since the end of 2021, since January 11, 2022, it has closed at $ 140.16.

In addition, the SOL-USD fell quite sharply on November 6 at a high of $ 258.93. It has since fallen 45.9% from $ 140.16.

I don’t think Solana will stay at that low price level. If it reached its former peak sometime in 2022, that would mean an 84.7% increase. I also believe that SOL-USD, if that happens, is likely to reach a new peak. This would easily raise more than 100% of today’s price.

One of the reasons why I think this could happen to Solana is its growing popularity with developers. for example Decipher recently published a report indicating that Solana is more popular with developers and has more active development than Ethereum at similar points in its history.

The theory is that the more cryptocurrency is popular with developers, the higher the price in the end. They usually buy cryptocurrency when it is cheap, and develop examples of using cryptocurrency, making it more popular.

Cardano (ADA-USD)

Cardano Concept Token (ADA) with background trading chart.

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market capitalization: $ 42 billion

Cardano has been in a longer decline since reaching a high on September 1 at $ 2.9634 per ADA-USD token. It hit its lowest point on Dec. 20 at $ 1.2084, 59.1% lower than the former peak. However, since then, the ADA-USD has risen (slightly) to $ 1.21 since January 11th.

In other words, like many other cryptocurrencies with high market capitalizations, Cardano experienced a recent peak in early November and has fallen considerably since then. It now seems to form the lowest point and could eventually turn around. This depends on whether most cryptocurrency-related sales have ended.

And like many other cryptocurrencies we’ve discussed, Cardano had two peak periods in 2021. The first was in April, when it peaked at $ 2.3091 on May 15th. So its second summit in September at $ 2.9634 was 28% higher than the previous summit.

Assuming Cardano rises to its former peak in September, the cryptocurrency would be 145% higher (i.e. $ 2.9634 / $ 1.21-1). Even if it rises to the former peak only from May ($ 2.3091), the potential growth is 90.8% or close to double.

So, assuming Cardano continues to show a high degree of correlation with other major cryptocurrencies as they start to rise, it is possible that ADA-USD could do the same. So I think it has a good chance of doubling sometime in 2022.

7 crypto for double: Polkadot (DOT-USD)

Polkadot altcoin logo on a pink background

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market capitalization: $ 25.8 billion

Like many other cryptocurrencies, Polkadot peaked on November 4 at $ 55, after having a previous peak in mid-May 2021 at $ 53.55. Thus, at today’s price (January 12) of $ 27.20, the cryptocurrency is 50% lower than the previous peak.

This means that if DOT-USD reached its former peak, it could double. But, as I have pointed out with other cryptocurrencies, I suspect that DOT-USD will reach a higher peak in 2022 than usual.

One of the reasons for this is that the developers are very enthusiastic about Polkadot. In the same report previously mentioned, published Decipher, shows that Polkadot is also very popular with developers. Polkadot, like the previously mentioned Solana, also has more active developers than Ethereum at this point in its development history.

I believe this fact will act as a catalyst for DOT-USD. The more developers there work to develop applications on a particular crypto platform, the more likely it is that cryptocurrency will increase significantly.

Avalanche (AVAX-USD)

gold Avalanche (AVAX) cryptocurrency concept coin.

Source: Hakan GERMAN / Shutterstock

market capitalization: $ 22.4 billion

Avalanche peaked on November 22 at $ 143.78 per AVAX-USD token, but also reached a short-term peak on December 20, at $ 123.33. This is slightly different from other cryptocurrencies that had previously high crypto peaks in the spring.

At today’s price (January 12) of $ 93.70, the Avalanche fell just $ 50.08, or 34.8% from its November 22-month high of $ 143.78. This is a much smaller drop than many other cryptocurrencies and shows the resilience of AVAX-USD.

In fact, even if the price had risen to the previous level, the reported profit would have been just over 53%. But I doubt Avalanche will continue to show strong growth.

One of the reasons for the recent rise in cryptocurrency is the publication of Circle that stable coin is USDC would be available on the Avalanche platform. People like to use stable coins to start investing in cryptocurrencies. This also helps provide liquidity for Avalanche and its crypto coin.

Another reason for its growing popularity was that the Avalanche platform was recently upgraded to allow smart contracts to be issued. This puts it in direct competition with Ethereum and strengthens its appeal to developers. This also helps raise the price of AVAX-USD.

7 crypts for double: polygon (MATIC-USD)

Concept image for crypto polygon (MATIC).

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market capitalization: $ 16.8 billion

Recently, the Polygon peaked on Dec. 26 at $ 2.8988. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, it increased at the end of 2021, when others were falling like flies. This is one of the main reasons why I believe there is a high probability that it will be able to continue well in 2022.

Polygon has become popular with developers for irreplaceable tokens (NFT) and other digital collectibles. Actually according to Decipher magazine, this may even be one of her mistakes. It is so popular that transactions are becoming clogged on the platform Polygon, raising commissions and slowing down transactions. Polygon was originally designed as an Ethereum killer, with faster transaction times and lower commissions.

Nevertheless, large companies still choose Polygon as their platform of choice for NFT showrooms and markets. For example, recently Associated Press said he would launch his own NFT market to support journalism at Polygon.

In addition, Polygon itself spent large amounts of money to upgrade its capabilities. Recently, a scaling platform announced acquisition of the Peace Protocol. This will allow it to use “evidence without knowledge” to build decentralized applications away from the Ethereum network. He paid for the protocol with his own MATIC-USD tokens.

I suspect that given Polygon’s popularity with the NFT developer community, combined with its own fast-growing network, it will continue to drive MATIC-USD tokens much higher in 2022. Make sure it doubles during the flight.

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