Arsene Wenger returned to the field for the first time since leaving Arsenal


The Frenchman is expected to return to the hot spot for the first time since spring 2018, when he left the post at Arsenal after more than two decades at the helm.

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Josh Cavallo reveals “concerns” about playing in Qatar

Arsene Wenger he saw a return to the dugout that had been detained.

The former Arsenal The 72-year-old coach Wenger should take over the leadership of the combined team of leading Saudi clubs Al-Nassr and Al-Hilal in a friendly match with Paris Saint Germain next Wednesday in Riyadh.

But PSG, which is also expected to be in Qatar for a three-day training session, postponed the trip due to recent examples of Covid and to “protect the health of its staff and players.”

Wenger has not taken over the leadership since he left Arsenal in 2018, despite being close after being courted by clubs in Japan, Wenger has been in the lead, talking to Bavaria Munich on the temporary role, while several other European clubs approached it.

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Arsene Wenger should be in a friendly match against PSG

The Frenchman has since become head of FIFA football development and although the Saudi project had nothing to do with the football governing body, it could be seen as another step towards improving relations with Qatar ahead of the World Cup.

The decision to choose Qatar as the host country for this year’s tournament has drawn widespread criticism over allegations of human rights abuses against workers in charge of building stadiums.

However, Wenger praised those responsible for preparing Qatar.

“I am impressed with the quality of the World Cup planning, including the thinking behind it,” Wenger said.

“This World Cup is included in the community and there are a lot of plans not to waste it after the tournament.

“The project for the event is fantastic, but the community will take advantage of it after the World Cup, which is a great idea.”

Wenger’s compatriot Eric Cantona expressed anger over the way the nation struggled with its duty as tournament hosts.

“Personally, I’m not going to watch this,” the former 55-year-old said Manchester United the star said Daily mail.

“I understand that football is a business, but I thought it was the only place where everyone could have a chance.

Arsene Wenger praised the preparations for the World Cup in Qatar

“So maybe if meritocracy and potential are the essence of football, it’s even more surprising that we can organize the World Cup in Qatar and people actually voted for it.

“It’s just about the money and the way they treated the people who built the stadiums, that’s awful. Thousands of people died. And yet we’re going to celebrate this World Cup.”

The tournament is also expected to break with the traditional Premier League it is scheduled to start in November and end only at the end of December.

The Premier League is expected to be suspended from November 18 before resuming in time for Boxing Day matches.

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