Babestation star and glamorous model Chloe Love takes her own life at 24 years old


Chloe Love – who became famous as a glamorous model on the TV channel Babestation, has died

Babestation star Chloe Love has died at the age of 24.

A glamorous model with the real name Amy Gregory died in the New Year period, reports WalesOnline.

The Babestation TV channel, where the beauty worked, shared an emotional message Twitter, which confirms that she died.

“Today we mourn the loss of our angel @ ChloeL_x1, ”The tweet began.

“Words cannot express the heartache and pain we all feel as a community. Chloe was the kindest, funniest and biggest of her life. The grief we share as a family is huge, but our love for your life is even greater. “

The post was illustrated with a black and white shot of Chloe walking her dog.

Her heartfelt mother Karina also wrote a tribute online, referring to the star as he gave him the name and not to her pop star.

The sad mother wrote, “Amy was a smart, ambitious, witty young woman with a gentle heart and a lovely laugh.

“At 24, Amy experienced more than most in her age. She was a resilient, strong and beautiful girl who overcame many difficulties and made the most of her short life.

Chloe Love of Babestation has died


The glamorous model – real name Amy Gregory – was 24 years old


“Her family will miss her very much. We will miss her laughter, her perfect smile, her cheeks, her humor and her lively personality.

“Although we will never get over the loss of Amy, we will continue together and keep the memory of her in our home and in our hearts. We hope that where Amy is now, she feels at home, safe, loved, healed and free.”

Following the sad news, Chloe’s ‘honorary aunt’ has opened a fundraising page to raise money for Chloe’s funeral.

The resume on the site explains how Chloe’s family struggles to come to terms with the tragedy and reflects on her “smart” and “witty” character.

It also told how Chloe struggled with depression and anxiety due to trauma from various life events.

“I put together this fundraising campaign with a heavy heart and I hope that by creating this fundraising campaign we will be able to raise some money to cover the cost of Amy’s funeral and to support her family during this difficult time,” the message began.

“The last few days have been really tough and it’s important that Amy’s family has a chance to mourn and deal with what happened, so if we can help them by making sure their girlfriend has the heartfelt sending she deserves ., then I think it would be a kind act of service – not only to the family, but to Amy herself.

“Amy was a witty, smart and beautiful young woman and her family and friends loved her very much.

“She was strong-willed, ambitious and resilient. Her laughter was loud, her smile was wide and her heart was big. animals, and adored her two furry babies Bennie and Blanca.

“Amy worked as a glamorous model and was a much-loved collaborator of her work family on Babestation TV, where she was affectionately known as her working nickname Chloe Love.

A fundraising page has been set up to cover funeral expenses




“Chloe had a lot of fans and people caring for her, and her vibrant personality brought a lot of light into what can often be a dark industry.

“Unfortunately, that light wasn’t always strong enough to shine all the time behind Amy, and she often struggled with bouts of deep depression.

She has suffered some trauma due to various life experiences and it is no secret that she has suffered domestic violence in some of her relationships, the consequences of which have affected her mental health, and behind closed doors she has struggled with anxiety and depression. .

“A few days ago, Amy took her own life. Her heart and mind ached, and that life became too much for her. Some hearts are simply too tender for this world.

“If we can support her family to pay for the funeral and raise enough money to say goodbye to Amy with a lot of pink (her favorite color!) And a lot of love, then I know that would mean the world to her parents and her family.

“We appreciate every bit of support and thank you for all the donations you receive. With such love, Maria – Honorary Aunt, Family Friend and Person who baked a lot of cookies with Amy as a child. Xx.”

Amy’s funeral will be on Monday, January 24, 2022, at Glyntaff Crematorium, Pontypridd.

* For emotional support, you can call the 24-hour Samaritans telephone number at 116 123, e-mail [email protected], visit the Samaritans branch in person or visit the Samaritans website.



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