Grassroots Tories wakes up Boris Johnson for party no. 10 and doubts his future


Low-ranking Conservatives – who backed the prime minister as leader – are now asking members if he should go, while one president of the association told members he was “completely appalled and incredibly angry”.

Boris Johnson received a cold reception from his own client (file photo)

A group of Tories who had previously backed Boris Johnson are now asking members whether to resign as local Conservatives reject the prime minister.

Grassroots Conservatives emailed their supporters as to whether the prime minister’s time was up.

The activist base was recognized as influential in encouraging party backers to leave the leader Theresa May during parliamentary Brexit stagnation in 2018-19.

In an ominous reversal, he now focused on Mr. Johnson’s future. She asked supporters three questions with yes or no: Let Boris Johnson resign? Should Boris Johnson now vote on the confidence of Conservative MPs? Should Boris Johnson stay?

President Ed Costelloe emailed members with the words, “It’s been a while since Conservatives felt the need to comment on current Conservative issues.

The activist base has been recognized as influential in encouraging party backstage benches to leave leader Theresa May.

“We were pleased that the party got rid of Therese May, whose unfortunate prime ministerial post has caused so much grief.

“We were pleased that Boris Johnson then took power and won a fantastic electoral victory with a significant majority, leading to the conclusion of Brexit.

“Every conservative commentator had so much to say and our contribution seemed unnecessary.

“We are now in a very different situation with a considerable public and private response to the events on Downing Street in tandem with the continuation of the pandemic and its draconian rules.”

It happened when local Tories from all over the country publicly and privately attacked the Prime Minister – who admitted that he spent 25 minutes at the garden party no. 10.

Boris Johnson visited local police last month


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Scottish Conservatives have revolted en masse, with party leader north of the border Douglas Ross saying the prime minister must step down.

But a number of local leaders in England have also handed down private condemnation, public anger or an apparent refusal to comment.

Hugo Brown, president of the North Oxfordshire Conservative Association, wrote an email to members saying he was “completely horrified and incredibly angry”.

An e-mail handed to the Mirror read: “I suspect most of you will feel the same way.

“This is not the kind of behavior that the state or party expects from the prime minister.”

He continued: “We were severely disappointed. We have to expect better days on the horizon. “

In a sad accusation of the political situation, the Mirror understands that members of one Tory association in London were discussing wearing jackets at a door-knocking session.

Tory Police Commissioner for Cheshire John Dwyer said: “I have no illusions about how [people] i feel when i have seen the same reports as i have in recent days.

“I cannot excuse any violations of legislation that was introduced specifically to protect our health during the global pandemic.

“People’s faith in the system is based on trust, consent and good will. This faith is undoubtedly shaken.”

Nadeem Ahmed, head of the Pendle-led Pendle Council, said: “I think it’s really a decision that the Prime Minister has to make, or he thinks he should continue in that position.

“I think you live in public office with your own conscience and you should do the right thing.

“When you think you’ve done something or said something unbearable, you know for yourself if you should be in that position.”

Peter McCall, the conservative PCC for Cumbria, noted that the prime minister is “in a very, very difficult position.”

A number of prominent local Tories were mysteriously unavailable for comment when contacted by PA Media.

Ben Houchen, elected mayor of Tees Valley and seen by some as a rising figure in the Tory party, has not commented on the issue, a member of his staff said.

Councilor Heather Scott, head of the Darlington Borough Council Tory, was not available for discussion as she was busy with meetings, her office said.

Similar to Phillippa Williamson, head of the Lancashire County Conservative Council.

Andrew Snowden, Tory PCC for Lancashire, was not available, his office said they would forward a press request for contact.

However, Mr Johnson had the support of Conservative Jackie Harris, a councilor in Bury, Greater Manchester and a member of the board of the Conservative Group of the Local Government Association.

Cllr Harris said: “Boris is leading the country. I am very happy to have received three reinforcements and am now holding my fists, I am in good health, partly due to the Conservative government and I am a m conservative.

“I think we’d better let it go. Thanks for asking my opinion. Goodbye.”

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