Jobs that pay the highest pensions – and some workers could get £ 46,000 a year


The state pension is at best only £ 9,628.50 a year, and many workplace pensions can be worth more than four times as much. Here are the jobs that get paid the most when you retire

Politicians are only third on the list – under army officers

Many of us focus on how much we earn today, but we think too little about how long we will live when we retire.

But with the average retirement age 18, decent pension it can dramatically change the quality of your life in later years.

If you are still working and have paid enough contributions for national insurance, you will receive a new state pension when you retire.

This is currently a maximum of £ 9,339.09 per year and will increase by £ 289.50 in April to £ 9,628.50.

But many workplace pensions are also worth an average of £ 46,000 a year.

Here are the jobs that offer the best retirement pensions, according to the Pension Times.

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Teachers found themselves comfortably at the top of the list for retirement payments


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1) Teachers – £ 46,000

2) Military Major – £ 41,000

3) Politicians – £ 34,000

4) Urbanists – £ 29,500

5) Police officers – £ 28,000

6) Firefighters – £ 20,000

7) NHS staff – £ 14,500

8) Tax Inspectors – £ 13,000

The Pension Times says teachers come first because, on average, they pay between 7.4 percent and 11.7 percent of their salaries into their compensation system.

Depending on their salary, the employer pays an additional 16.48 percent – compared to the average contribution of the employer in the private sector 4.5 percent.

A 35-year-old teacher with an average salary of £ 40,000 could have expected around £ 46,000 in annual pension if he had retired at 68 years old.

The armed forces are in second place in terms of pensions – although this varies greatly in terms of rank and time spent in the forces.

Members of the current military pension scheme are paid 1/47 of their annual earnings per year. Department of Defense – about 2.12 percent.

But this is increasing every year in line with inflation.

A military sergeant who earns £ 36,000 and expects to retire at 60 as a major after completing 32 years of service can expect an annual retirement income of £ 41,000 as well as a tax-free lump sum of £ 22,000.

Many could expect them to be higher, but politicians still rank them among the top professions for pensions.

The 57-year-old politician’s current salary is £ 76,011 and they can look forward to an annual pension of around £ 34,000 if they retire at age 65.

Earlier this month, The Mirror reported that people could to experience 130 years by the end of this century.

HEC Montréal Business School statisticians in Canada believe that people could live much longer than the expected 30 years and 10.

The expert argued that “supercentres” could live up to 180 years over time.

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