The last candidate for apprentice who has been fired speaks


Lord Sugar surprised viewers Apprentice with his final decision of whom to dismiss.

For the second challenge of the show, the candidates were tasked with creating and presenting their own electric toothbrushes for children.

For the 28-year-old sales manager things didn’t go too well and the latter hopes to be eliminated from the BBC series, finding out that Lord Sugar has decided that dishonest rugby player Conor Gilsenan was sent home after being sent home. returned to the meeting room of project manager Aaron Willis.

After Gilsenan’s dismissal, we talked to the candidate about why he thinks Lord Sugar he wondered how, despite pressure from producers, he tried to avoid using clichés worthy of breaking, and why he sees the series as a less deadly version of the Netflix hit Squid game.

How do you feel? Departure in the second week is not as bad as departure in the first week …

I’m licking my wounds a little bit, but I signed up for it.

I am surprised to see you leaving at such an early stage of the process.

I appreciate that. That’s the feeling I got, so I guess it’s a small consolation that I finished 15 out of 16.

Do you think Lord Sugar made the right decision?

I honestly think he would have a pretty strong argument for unfair dismissal if he brought Lord Sugar to court.

Aaron made an unusual decision and took you and Nick back to the boardroom, didn’t you?

I have no idea why Nick was there. I don’t think anyone really did that. Aaron just closed his eyes and selected two people from the sub-team, then did everything he could to stay in the process. Nick and I were honest and we didn’t back down from what we said – but in the end it was our downfall. no, my collapse.

Conor Gilsenan says he wasn’t ‘aggressive’ or ‘receptive’ enough to stay in ‘Apprentice’

(BBC / Boundless / Ray Burmiston)

Aaron is a smart speaker – there were a few times when he almost convinced people that they were wrong because they were telling what actually happened.

This is unbelievable. I remember walking away and saying, ‘I was of course I explained that we would make two characters, and then, if not, we would make a male character. ‘ I thought, ‘Didn’t that happen?’ and then when I saw the episode, I said to myself, ‘Oh, that’s okay, that is what I said. ‘ I stuck to the plan and did what they asked, but Lord Sugar decided to trust Aaron. It seemed like he didn’t really have a complete picture of what was going on with the assignment.

Are you sorry you didn’t speak for yourself anymore?

This is the feeling with which I left the process; that he should be more abrasive and aggressive because that’s obviously what he gets in the process. But when I went there, my number one goal was to be alone – to enjoy and let my personality and the way I do things stay consistent. So if I started pointing my finger at people and barking, I would kick myself now when I looked back. People who have never met me would get the wrong impression.

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It is fair to say that you managed to leave Apprentice without seeming ugly work.

That means the world to me – it’s better than the first. In that taxi, they tried very hard to say, ‘I’ll come back and take over the world.’ I said to myself, ‘I’m just not doing this,’ so I tried to avoid all the clichés. Last week I was pretty nervous before the first episode aired. I sat with my girlfriend and drank a can of beer and the first scene was that I looked completely ridiculous. I said the dumbest thing and thought, ‘Well, it can’t get any worse than that.’

Did your comrades make fun of you?

They make me fat. But luckily I’ve been in a professional rugby locker room for nine years and there’s a pretty thick skin growing up there. Everyone laughed.

Aaron is guilty of firing Conor Gilsenan in the latest episode of ‘Apprentice’

(BBC / Boundless / Ray Burmiston)

So, your downfall was due to a character named Wiffy. Didn’t you anticipate that Lord Sugar would have a name problem?

Behind this is a ridiculous context. I was very clear that I want it to start with alliteration to make the children unforgettable. All we could think about was Willy Wonka – but we knew that a stick that goes into someone’s mouth can’t be called “Willy”. We tried very hard to stay away from it. Then there was the only other name that revolved around, Wilfred, which for me isn’t a very fun name in the context of a childish witch character. So when I said Wiffy, everyone said, ‘Yeah, it works!’ Then the toothbrush completely blinded us, which looked like shit. Self-praise is not praise, but we had one day to create an app and a wizard that heals dental plaque in the form of magic is a good idea! I still stand by that fact. I was kicking myself for Wiffy back then, but. in fact, I’m happy about it now because I’m at least going out with something I’m going to laugh about.

Are you quietly relieved that you won’t have to manage the projects of some of these candidates?

After filming, I went for a beer with all my friends You’re fired! on Monday (January 10) and everyone said, “The hidden blessing is to be out.” This was very fun, but I have to say it was quite exciting. I was so far outside my comfort zone. and it was so challenging. I’ve always been a big fan of the show, so to say that I was chosen by 50 to 60,000 people is very cool.

Would you like to keep a lower profile to begin with?

The thing is, the producers tell you not to sit by and to kick yourself if you don’t get stuck. They are so compelling, which is what creates these explosive episodes. But if I were to do it again, I would strategically sit a little further aside. I would not expose myself too much and would only contribute without making any decisive decisions. It was hard because I thought so I had tackled it, but then on the first assignment I realized I wasn’t alone because I hadn’t contributed. So I thought, ‘Fuck, I’m going to get stuck, and if he ends up in a fireball, fine.’

I thought Lord Sugar would understand your personality better than some others.

Surprising abrasive style is rewarded in this process. I don’t lack self-confidence, but I try to keep it under the hood as much as I can.

Given that, do you think you didn’t have a chance to win?

When I think of people I thought were really good at it, there was a guy named Courtney Wood [series 12 winner]. He was a pretty relaxed, kind guy who had good ideas and got along with everyone and was never brought back. I thought if I could navigate like that, then I’m doing pretty well. But I knew for myself that I would probably suffer in those environments where the dog is eaten, and that’s what happened in the end. Aaron was coming back on some things and I just didn’t want to get into that. We would hope that Lord Sugar would see some of this.

Surprising abrasive style is rewarded in this process

Dismissed ‘apprentice’ candidate Conor Gilsenan

Who are you announcing as the winner?

I don’t think I even know all the names! I was at the front door and through the back door. Amy and Kathryn have two start-ups. These are smart girls that I think will be fine. I really thought I would face it on entry because historically Lord Sugar tends to invest in people whose businesses run, and mine was in the incubation phase at the time. It has been working since then – it’s a mobile bar and I’m very proud of it. I got along very well with Alex and Nick from the boys, but they will probably end up suffering the same thing as me – because they won’t be as persistent as the others. Interestingly, I got along great with Aaron on the first task, so I was stunned when he pulled me back. I said to myself, “I thought we were friends!”

Sounds so brutal.

Strange comparison, but I watched Squid game lately and a lot of this show is reminiscent Apprentice. You’re in these tasks and you don’t know what the hell is going on. It’s the survival of the fittest and then when you’re not on a mission, it’s this weird social experiment where you try to gain allies, but in the end. these allies will fuck you up at some point. To point out, there are obviously no fatalities.

What’s next for you?

Truth be told, I felt sorry for myself for a few weeks when I left. I wish I could keep all the bills for my clothes! But I just put together a really comprehensive business plan, so I got in touch with one of my former teammates and we got permission from the club to set up this mobile bar at their games. We had four weeks to do that – we launched a budget between the two of us – and set up this company. We have done six events, we hope to come to Kingsmeadow for the Chelsea Women’s Games, I would love to come to Twickenham for the Six Nations. In the summer we want to trade at all the major music and sports festivals. So life on this front is good. Right now it’s a side knock, but who knows what will happen in the future. I got engaged over Christmas – it was pretty magical – and since then I’ve started a new job at Fortune 500.

Apprentice continues next Thursday (January 20) at 9pm on BBC One.


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