3 best ways to achieve sustainable weight loss, says an expert – eat it not that


Weight loss is a great step towards a potentially healthier lifestyle, but maintaining this is the ultimate goal for many people who choose to change their diet and routine. If sustainable weight loss is something you want to achieve, then it is important that you do so ignore fashion flies and stick to some key habits instead, says one expert.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” says Cory Ruth, an expert on RDN, women’s health and PCOS, and CEO Female dietitian. “It simply came to our notice then trendy, fashionable diets at the moment, they are incredibly restrictive. Yes, you can lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks if you give up all the carbs, but the moment you even look at a slice of bread, all that weight (and maybe more) will build up again. “

“Weight loss needs to be lasting over time,” Ruth adds, “and it needs to come in the form of healthy, long-term habits. Slower weight loss can help you keep it for now and for a lifetime.”

When it comes to sustainable weight loss, Ruth suggests the following three steps as the best things you can do to achieve long-term results. Keep reading her tips for more 8 Things You Need To Know Before Trying To Lose Belly Fat.


When it comes to how much you eat, Ruth explains, “Being va calorie deficit It is crucial for weight loss, so it is crucial to know how many calories you need to consume regularly to be in this deficit. Track calories with something similar MyFitnessPal it is not necessary, but it is very useful if it helps us figure out how to move better after proper portion control. “

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friends in the kitchen preparing a vegetarian meal together

Enjoying a meal va restaurant it may be a nice way to treat yourself, but it may not be something you would want to do too often if you want to maintain excess weight.

“[Eat] most of your meals and snacks in your own kitchen, ”says Ruth. “When we eat outside, we inevitably take in more calories, fat and sugar. Being the one to control what and how many ingredients go into your diet is a surefire way to improve your weight management diet. “

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healthy plate

What Eating is just as important as how much you eat and where, Ruth says. Therefore, you should strive to “fill half of your plate with low-starch vegetables, one-quarter protein, and a small portion of carbohydrates.”

As Ruth explains, “That ‘plate method’ it’s too easy and visually balances your plate for better weight control. “


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