7 crypts you need in your portfolio for high returns in 2022


cryptocurrencies so a unique and exciting investment opportunity. Blockchain has changed the way we do business and affects every industry under the sun. Crypto is currently hot and it’s not hard to see why. People who invest in cryptocurrencies are investing their money in something that could be one of the most important financial innovations since the establishment of central banks – all with the hope of high returns from innovative new technology.

Cryptocurrencies offer high returns for those who believe in the future of digital currencies. But they offer investors a way to support technological innovation while still making money with their investments. The crypto industry had a great year in 2021, and the world is still recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic. It was such an exciting time for cryptocurrencies that investors didn’t care about market volatility or anything.

However, this year is a different story. It’s Cryptos they don’t have the best start by 2022. Nevertheless, recent events highlight the dangers of investing in high-growth space. There is an old investment rule you should always remember: never invest more than your budget can afford.

Keep this in mind, here are seven cryptocurrencies that will fill your portfolio for the new year:

Crypto for purchase: Ethereum (ETH-USD)

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Ethereum’s blockchain is most actively used, and its token, Ether, is now occupies second place both in market capitalization and daily volume. More than 40 best 100 cryptocurrencies are built on this platform. Like most cryptocurrencies that exist today, Ethereum has its drawbacks. Its blockchain is slow and expensive to use. Despite this fact, you may have already heard about how valuable ETH tokens were during the market turmoil of 2020: they jumped into the sky 450%!!

Smart contracts are the backbone of Ethereum and are powered by decentralized applications such as decentralized finance (DeFi) and irreplaceable tokens (NFT). If we had to choose one cryptocurrency that embodies the spirit of DeFi, it would be Ethereum. DeFi is an exciting new way to trade assets and unlock value. Users can borrow or lend money directly without involving banks.

Ethereum’s popularity is growing as its blockchain technology promises to improve efficiency and safety. The Upgrading Ethereum 2.0 will expand proof-of-stake protocols, making it less energy-intensive than before, while making transactions faster with lower costs. More variables could cause Ethereum to disappoint investors. Although it does not work as well in 2022 compared to other cryptocurrencies, it is much more stable than other cryptocurrencies.

Solana (SOL-USD)

Macro shot of a physical coin from the cryptocurrency Solana (SOL-USD)

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Last year was not an easy path for Solana. But in the end, it turned out to be top notch with a high return. It has increased by around 9.821% in the last year, after experiencing general withdrawals of other coins in the last two months – all thanks to a focus on long-term value creation rather than quick profits or fast cycles.

Solana is the fifth largest market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. Not only does his blockchain process up 65,000 transactions per second and have low transaction costs of approximately $ 0.00025, while providing an easy way for companies in different industries around the world to come together on one platform

With Solana, you can easily develop your own NFT and DeFi applications. The fast-growing ecosystem offers more than 400 projects, including NFT markets and technology such as automated financial management tools that will change our lives forever.

Solana is clearly a leader in terms of scalability and stability. Its planned upgrade will provide developers with a stable chain of blocks that can be effortlessly expanded and meet demand.

Crypto for purchase: Cardano (ADA-USD)

Cardano (ADA) token with blue and orange digital background.

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Cardano is a new and exciting cryptocurrency created with an approach focused on research in the world of cryptocurrencies. The creators of this coin are engineers in their fields – mathematics and cryptography – who have teamed up to create something truly special.

To ensure the long-term stability of their blockchain, Cardano is developing five protocols which will address all future needs. The Cardano plan is a great way to visualize the workings of an individual period and show us what to expect from them in future releases. Each new issue brings something different that makes it easier for you to understand the development of this currency over time. These are the necessary steps to ensure the sustainable growth of this ecosystem in the coming years.

All of these editions come with many upgrades. In the run-up to these upgrades, Cardano will usually notice price increases. Once the changes have taken off, prices are inevitably falling. For day traders, this is an additional point to consider.

Axie Infinity (AXS-USD)

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It’s no secret that blockchain technology is creating waves in virtual worlds. The metaverse is an online virtual world where people can explore, meet and communicate with each other. He introduced the term in 1992 Neal Stephenson in his science fiction novel Snow accident. Last year, the concept caught fire. As our world becomes more and more digital, this is an area of ​​investment that is worth seeing. If you are looking for a way to invest in metaverses, consider investing in virtual real estate. The asset class is rich in potential and there are so many ways we can tackle this.

Axie has created a game on the Ethereum blockchain that has been quite successful in recent months. Users collect, breed and fight wasp-monster-like figures with different battle abilities. Users need at least three of these creatures to enter the fight. Once there, you’ll receive experience points that developers can use to improve their Axies.

The idea of ​​NFT is very interesting. Axie becomes one when placed in gaming or monetized by market transactions, giving players full ownership of their creations. It is a revolutionary concept. Decades after the video game was disconnected, user creation also worked. If you combine that with thousands of dollars of income per month, you can understand why Axie Infinity generates so much interest.

Crypto to buy: USD Coin (USDC-USD)

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USD Coin is an interesting and promising cryptocurrency for investors who want to invest in cryptocurrencies without excessive risk. This coin also has huge growth potential, as its price reached new highs last year.

For those who want cryptocurrency without all its instability – this may be exactly what you are looking for. The user’s bank account is linked to the platform and once completed, it can make transfers in US dollars. The money is converted into USDC, which users then exchange or exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

Although many traditional investors are wary of cryptocurrencies, new stable coins like the USDC can change that. These coins offer a level playing field for established institutions that want to invest in cryptocurrency trading platforms with security and stability.

Stellar (XLM-USD)

Stellar Lumens Concept Coin (XLM).

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Today, the processing of sending money abroad can take a whole week. The current infrastructure of US banks and financial institutions is not efficient enough for such transactions.

The process of sending money via the Stellar blockchain is more efficient than using the traditional method. Using this network, you can send and receive payments in lumens (XLM). When the recipient receives them, your dollars will be converted into domestic currency.

What’s even more amazing about Stellar’s ​​cost-effectiveness is that, on average, the transaction fee is only 0.00001 XLM, which means users would only have to pay $ 0.274 for 364,000 transactions before reaching their first dollar. Compare this number with traditional bank charges or the higher costs associated with Bitcoin (CCC:BTC-USD) – which regularly has about three times the average price and is more than USD 2 per trade made through its network. The range of services offered by Stellar is not available in many countries. In the long run, this project will help create an inclusive digital economy.

Crypto for purchase: Decentraland (MANA-USD)

Conceptual image representing Decentraland (MANA) with a token displayed in front of a price chart and a grid of dots.

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The metaverse is the future of digital content, where you can recreate any place or event in all its details with virtual reality. This meta-universe will have many different versions created by users exploring the world through their avatars. With Facebook decision to rename as Meta platform (NASDAQ:FB), the idea of ​​a virtual world came to general consciousness.

Decentraland is a virtual world built on Ethereum, where users can buy and sell land, create content for their own stories, or monetize it by renting out space in this digital realm. The Decentraland project is a game change in the development of the virtual world. It provides an infrastructure for shared worlds, consisting of records of land ownership and user interactions on their respective platforms.

We are still in the early days of the metaverse concept, but the potential is huge. The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing us to adapt faster than ever. The virtual world has become a way of life for many people. Many people now work remotely and even visit a doctor remotely. The metaverse is the natural progression of trends we saw during the pandemic. Decentraland has the advantage of the first step in space. If you want to play the trend of 2022, this is one of the best cryptocurrencies.

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