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The new coronavirus pandemic, which is no longer new, has affected everyone both subtly and more markedly. As for my social media, I was out of the news. So I was very sad when I heard about the rather high-profile past. At the same time, any experience gained could be useful Ocugen (NASDAQ:OCGN) stock.

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As some of you may know, Pastor Ray Bentley of the San Diego-based Maranath Chapel died tragically from Covid-19 complications. According to the statement of the church and re-published Newsweek, “We are all in shock and heartbroken. ” This meant that the horrific revelation was a surprise, an incident no one even thought about.

Although I did not know him so well, I will be eternally grateful for how the pastor performed the memorial service of one of my colleagues who succumbed to his own hands. Some religious organizations can be brutally insensitive when they chair the issue of self-harm. Instead, Bentley showed incredible grace and mercy in the face of so much anxiety.

I mention this because the stories you can come across about Bentley’s character are 100% genuine. He was a good man.

Lead time

Having shaped at least some of my views on faith and spirituality, I think Bentley would appreciate one of the basic messages behind Luke 24: 5. Believers should not dwell on past events, but rejoice and prepare for future endeavors. And this refers to the stock of the OCGN, because religion, no matter what it is, has a serious impact on the congressmen of various worship houses.

When I reviewed online discussions about Bentley, I came across a few admonitions not to politicize his death. I agree. Bentley has hinted that he is electing a Republican, but that’s almost like saying the pope is Catholic. In the end, I could vote for the cardboard box for president. I honestly don’t care.

However, it was clear that the reprimand was not about politics, but about stifling any discussion of Covid-19 vaccines. This seemed sad to me because in the early days of the pandemic, some pastors from Calvary Chapel inspired by non-confessional evangelism – a similar theological school of thought that educated Bentley – subtly alluded to conspiracy theory about the “plandemic.”

To be fair, some churches have been wise, but also, some are not. In addition, important pastors such as Todd Friel of Wretched TV and Radio, took a lukewarm stance about vaccination, it provides advantages and disadvantages, but in the end it does not give an open direction, which confuses many Christians.

Unfortunately, an aura similar to the cult of personality that surrounds even the most well-meaning megachurches allows pastors to preach relentlessly from the pulpit, knowing full well that most of their congressmen they probably don’t read the Bible at all. Because your average evangelical Christian uncritically accepts the teachings of the scriptures in current events, ingrained fears of the antichrist and the sign of the beast have undoubtedly hampered the distribution of medical facts.

Because of the elderly and vulnerable believers, it is time for evangelical leadership to return to the faith what belongs to the faith and leave science to scientists. If that happened, OCGN stocks could become more interesting.

OCGN stock and tested platform

While the development and distribution of rural RNA vaccines represents one of the most groundbreaking works in biotechnology, a factor of innovation – although technically not so new – understandably caused hesitation in many people.

OCGN shares are therefore scientifically predominant. Ocugen is a co-developer of Covaxin, a whole virion-inactivated Covid-19 vaccine. You can read more about the approach at the World Health Organization Web page. But for our purposes, this is especially important to consider this methodology has experience.

Therefore, it is possible that Covaxin would achieve those that are not completely against the vaccine, but a vaccine based on new technology. If this is an argument, Covaxin could be a viable solution, assuming it gains regulatory power. In the long run, because evangelicals would potentially justify their health problems with doctors as opposed to human interpretations of ancient texts, Covaxin could come to a market that is more accessible.

If I say in advance, OCGN shares are very risky and gamble only with money you can afford to lose. At the same time, the loss of Bentley is a blow to the gut for evangelism. As far as I know, no one knows if Bentley was vaccinated or not. And I don’t know where he stood on the issue of vaccination in general.

But his death is such that it is a wake-up call, not just to respond to Covid-19, but to what health issue. If caution didn’t protect Bentley, then how would ordinary mortals work? For me, the logical conclusion is that we should use the brains given to us – and most importantly for the immunocompromised, not to test our faith according to Deuteronomy 6:16.

A lasting legacy

No matter how the Covid-19 pandemic unfolds, and no matter the broader evangelical response to the crisis, Ray Bentley’s death will be marked by deep grief. I said he’s a good man and I really, really mean it. This painful world has lost a great ambassador of faith.

At the same time, his death should trigger a respectful debate on the Christian response to health threats. Grossly, we have learned that the rain falls on the just and the unjust. But we have also learned that nothing in faith prevents us from opening an umbrella.

So I hope Bentley’s legacy – however bright – will trigger another positive one: to encourage the medically vulnerable to seek professional (and not just theological) leadership. Since I know what I know from personal interaction with Pastor Bentley, I think he will be honored by that.

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