Another woman said to hide – so what is the American Airlines dress code


Olivia Culpo revealed that she was asked to “cover up” before boarding an American Airlines flight to Cabo San Lucas, prompting travelers to wonder what the airline’s dress code really is.

In the Instagram Story posted on January 13, she is Olivia’s sister Aurora Culpo, she said the former Miss Universe was told to wear a “blouse” over her dress, otherwise they would not allow her to fly.

(auroraculpo / Instagram)

The footage shows the 29-year-old Culpa wearing a long black jacket, motorcycle shorts and a sports bra for the flight, a dress her sister described as “appropriate”.

“Tell me it’s not that fucked up,” she added regarding the situation.

In another video shared with Aurora’s story, Culpo stood next to another companion who was seen dressed in a similar outfit, noting that it was “weird” that the model was called upon to change, as her own T-shirt had a lower cut.

(auroraculpo / Instagram)

This is not the first time passengers have been asked to “cover up” on an American Airlines flight. In 2019, Tisha Rowe traveled to the U.S. with her son from Jamaica. Before boarding the flight, an American Airlines employee asked to speak to her about the coveralls she was wearing.

“I used to wear it here @AmericanAir he asked me to get off the plane for an interview, ”Rowe said he tweeted, along with a photo of her overalls. “At this point, I was asked to“ cover up ”. As I defended my suit, I was threatened not to return to the flight unless I walked down the hall wrapped in a blanket.

Rowe said The Washington Post that after a flight she found a companion who was dressed in shorts from her. The passenger then agreed to support Rowe in a formal complaint.

Shannon Gils, a spokeswoman for American Airlines, contacted Rowe after hearing what happened on the plane. She said Roweu had apologized and was “committed to providing a positive, safe travel experience for all those flying [them]. ”

Rowe said she was also given her money back, but she and her son were still injured and traumatized by the incident.

“If you really want to fix this, you have to realize that it was traumatic for both of you,” she said.

Recently, a passenger was banned from flying American Airlines because of what she was wearing.

July 2021 fitness model Deniz Saypinar she wrote in her story on Instagram that she cannot continue her flight from Texas to Miami because her denim shorts were “too short”. She was also dressed in a cropped brown sleeveless shirt.

She recounted the incident and claimed staff said she was virtually “naked”.

“They literally didn’t take me on a plane because they say you’re naked and offend other families,” she said.

American Airlines later issued a statement warning that according to their “conditions of carriage, all customers must dress appropriately and offensive clothing is not allowed on our flight.”

They also added that Saypinar was “re-booked for next flight” and arrived safely in Miami.

According to American Airlines’ Web page, passengers must “dress appropriately; bare feet or offensive clothing are not allowed. “

However, 2018 American Airlines Travel Guide talks in more detail about their dress code on the flight. Under the “travel dress code” section, the company states that guests should not wear anything “offensive or disturbing”.

“You shouldn’t wear anything like super shorts, a bare belly, provocative / revealing / transparent, etc.,” the guide says.

It also suggests that when passengers are “doubtful” about their attire, they may ask, “Am I merging with customers, or do I look better dressed than other customers?” If the answer is yes, then they are “probably set”.

The Independent he turned to American Airlines for comment.

In addition to American Airlines, staff have approached passengers traveling with other airlines about the dress code. She told Catherine Bampton last January that when she tried to get on a Virgin Australia Airlines flight, she was stopped because of her dress.

Bampton was dressed in a cropped top and high-waisted jeans. She claimed she was told that “the pilot doesn’t like people who show too much skin” so she had to put on a jacket.

Notes Virgin Australia her website that travelers should wear “appropriate clothing to cover [their] the lower half ”, including shorts, skirts and trousers. Sleeveless shirts are also allowed.

The airline shared the statement with Sun Online Travel, Virgin Australia said their purpose is always to ensure that travelers feel “welcome and have a comfortable trip”. The company explained that they are reviewing the incident, trying to get in touch with Bampton and “remind frontline team members” of the guest dress code.


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