Antonio Conte offers no guarantees for the long-term future of the Spurs


Antonio Conte has not offered any guarantees for his future at Tottenham Hotspur, and twice has refused to assure fans that he will be at the club after the next two transfer hands.

Conte made it clear he wants his team to be upgraded in the January transfer window and called on the club to build a team that will match the quality of their infrastructure.

Earlier this week, the Italian met with President Daniel Levy and General Manager of Football Fabio Paratici, with the three agreeing to give priority to the signatures of the right-back (Wolves star). Adama Traore is the highest target), midfielder and striker.

At Friday’s press conference, Conte was asked twice if he could guarantee that he will still be at the club at the end of this transfer window and the summer deadline, regardless of what is happening in the transfer market.

He denied both of these assurances, instead saying he was fully focused on the “present” and not the “future”. Conte went on to enjoy North London and to have good relations with Levy and Paratici.

‘The present is now, the future is later … later could be too late for us’

“Honestly, I like living in the present and not thinking much about the future,” Conte said. “And now it’s important to live in the present, to try to improve the situation in the present, to try to get the best out of my players.

“The present is now, the future is later. And later it could be too much for us. We need to focus on the present in order to try to improve the situation now. Then we will see, but I repeat, now we have to focus on the present, because we have to work hard in the present to try to keep Tottenham in the right position.

Earlier at the press conference, Conte laughed when asked if he thought his task at Tottenham would be as big as it is.

“When you’re outside, you can imagine the situation,” he said ahead of Sunday’s derby in north London. “Once you’re inside the situation, you can understand every aspect very well. Now, I repeat, is the time to work. “

Conte, who has yet to lose a league game since his November appointment, said he had not joined Tottenham because he had been promised how much money the club would spend.

“I accepted because I felt Tottenham could be a fantastic situation for me to be able to work, try to convey my idea of ​​football, try to create something important for this club,” he said.

“I enjoy working at Tottenham because I found a fantastic environment, a fantastic atmosphere, an amazing stadium, a fantastic training ground. I definitely think we might need to bring the team level to the same level as our infrastructure. In order to try to reconcile the situation now, I think we need to improve to reconcile with these two different situations. ”

Conte, who spoke before the news came out possible postponement of the game, he added, believing that Arsenal are “ahead” of Tottenham in their attempts to return to the upper echelons of the league.

“I think they’re doing a good job at the moment,” Conte said. “Maybe that’s why they’re better than us in the project, because they started with the same coach before. Now they have good results.”



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