Bad eating habits that you need to give up immediately, say dietitians – eat this not that


If you have entered the new year with a handful health goals in your mind you are most likely looking for ways to easily achieve these goals in a timely manner.

Your living eating habits they are a great place to start when it comes to health changes in your life. To help you figure out what habits you might want to skip this year, we’ve spoken to a few nutrition experts to get their input.

Here are their recommendations for eating habits that you should avoid in the future, and for more tips on healthy eating, see Eating habits that accelerate weight loss.


According to a registered dietitian Cindy Dallow, Dr., RD, skipping meals and ignoring your body’s natural hunger is actually one of the worst eating habits you can have for your health.

“If you ignore hunger, your body will only become hungry in the next few hours and the chances of overeating increase exponentially,” says Dallow, “and this is especially true if you’re under any kind of stress (or tired), so it’s better to eat something , which will satisfy your desires and eat it in a positive, deliberate way and continue your day. “

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frozen pizza

Dallow also points out that regular consumption ultra processed foods– which include sugary cereals, packaged bakery products, candy, frozen pizza and soda – can be a bad habit for your overall health.

Processed food it usually has more [saturated] fats (those that clog arteries), sodium and anti-inflammatory ingredients, so consuming them regularly can have a serious negative impact on your health, ”he says.

processed foods

Eating healthy snacks it can be a useful part of your day, especially because it can help your metabolism and prevent you from overeating at meals. However, it is important to try to limit your own “unhealthy” snacks such as chips, cookies and candy.

Snacks high in sugar and sodium it can actually lower your energy levels and have other negative health side effects, such as weight gain, ”he says. Courtney D’Angelo, MS, RD, author at Go to the wellness center, “so the next time you get this hunger strike, try eating a healthy protein bar or making a protein shake, because protein has many benefits that help you stay full longer and lose weight.”

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fast food burgers

Convenience and accessibility fast food they are hard to beat, especially on your busiest days. But experts warn that regular visits to the vehicle fleet can be negative affects your health.

“Many of the ingredients used in fast food contain a lot of fat, sugar and sodium, “says D’Angelo,” for example a Big Mac contains only 540 calories, then add fries (220 calories) and a soft drink (another 220 calories) and watch for a quick calorie intake in excess of 1000. “

If you are able to look forward to your week, you can try to equip yourself with healthy snacks or options to leave, which will limit the consumption of fast food.

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