Children Katie Price, Princess and Junior, ‘refuse’ to stay at Mucky Mansion


Two of Katie Price’s children are said to “hate” her infamous Mucky Mansion mansion so much that they don’t want to go to the West Sussex estate.

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Katie Price plays in a teaser for the Mucky Mansion show on Channel 4

Mucky Mansion Katie Price causes wedges between her and the children she shares with her ex-husband Peter Andre, the reports claim.

The former star is renovating her infamous home in West Sussex after years of neglect have caused the home to fall into disrepair – and this cannot be done fast enough for the star, as she hopes to attract children, a princess and younger to get back to the complication.

Ambitious actor and singer Junior, a 16- and 14-year-old princess, is said to have “hated the house,” and when Katie found out they didn’t want to visit her, she was “upset”.

“While they were filming, Katie was upset when she heard that the Princess and Junior hated the house,” the source said. The sun.

“Even though she also said she hates it, she really wants to turn the house around – remodeling all the bedrooms to make it a real home again.”

Katie Price’s baby, Princess and Junior, is said to “hate” her Mucky Mansion



Fans will be able to watch Katie’s mansion remodeled on television as she invites viewers to her 19-room home through her new home repair show on Channel 4.

This week, the mother of five announced that the series, as she wrote, will be on the air soon Facebook : “It’s official! The first #MuckyMansion series will air Channel 4 in just two weeks!

“Save the date and make sure you check out my skillful creations. January 26 at 9pm!”

Katie fans have already seen her on TV in her Mucky Mansion.

People were especially shocked when they showed her home in the episode Through The Keyhole and piles of bags and boxes were seen scattered everywhere.

She was accused of being “dirty,” but she insisted she was just a “hoparica”.

Junior and the princess shouldn’t want to stay there



In her many reality TV shows, Katie’s many pets have been spotted running around her home, licking spilled food on the floor and relieving themselves wherever they want.

In 2018, they claimed that her house “smells like a zoo” and that Katie lets her dogs pee inside and not clean it.

A source who is said to be a former regular visitor claimed that the interior of Katie’s home was “disgusting” because she allowed it animals they went wild and had a relaxed policy when it came to picking up their mess.

They said The sun : “The condition of Katie’s home may now be under scrutiny, but this has been the case for years.

“The dog mess occasionally stayed on the floor without being cleaned, along with used cat litter.”

Junior is 16 and Princess is 14


Peter Andre / Twitter)

Katie shares the pair with her ex-husband Peter Andre



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The source also claimed that Katie’s house was covered in dog hair and dirt because her five children are sitting on furniture after playing with animals outside.

They added: “Katie has a mindset that a little dirt is good for you, but her home was not a pleasant place to stay.”

In September 2019, Katie visited her mansion for fans and revealed her green pool full of slime.

She recorded a special video on YouTube in hopes of clearing up rumors that her mansion was falling into disrepair.

The footage showed piles of garbage around her estate and a pool filled with green slimy water.

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