Chloe Love’s tributes come after the Babestation star took her own life at the age of 24


Babestation TV star Chloe Love has tragically died at the age of 24 while battling “deep depression” and anxiety.

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Chloe Love: The glamorous model is relaxing with her dog in 2020

Chloe Love Her tragic death came to the headlines after the 24-year-old was pronounced dead during the New Year.

The charming model – whose real name was Amy Gregory – came from a small town in Wales and her sudden death shocked her loved ones to the end.

The TV channel Babestation confirmed Chloe’s tragic death in a heartbreaking post, as her former colleagues described her as an “angel”.

In an emotional message forward Twitter, her Babestation team wrote: “Today we mourn the loss of our angel @ ChloeL_x1.

“Words cannot express the heartache and pain we all feel as a community. Chloe was the kindest, funniest and biggest of her life. The grief we share as a family is huge, but our love for your life is even greater. “

The Babestation star tragically died at the age of 24


The tragic star bowed


The emotional post was illustrated with a black and white shot of Chloe walking her beloved dog.

Po news of her sad death, a fundraising site was soon set up to help her family pay for funeral expenses.

On the page, Chloe’s ruined loved ones confirmed that Amy was battling anxiety and depression.

It also confirmed that she had tragically ‘taken her own life’.

A heartbreaking statement read: “Amy worked as a glamorous model and was a much-loved co-worker of her work family on Babestation TV, where she was affectionately known as her working nickname Chloe Love.

Chloe – whose real name was Amy – became famous on Babestation TV


Chloe’s Lovers Reveal to Fight Deep Depression


“Chloe had a lot of fans and people caring for her, and her vibrant personality brought a lot of light into what can often be a dark industry.

“Unfortunately, that light wasn’t always strong enough to shine behind Amy all the time, and she often struggled with bouts of deep depression.”

The description continued: “She suffered some traumas from various life experiences and it was no secret that she suffered domestic violence in some of her relationships, the consequences of which affected her mental health and she struggled with anxiety and depression behind closed doors. .

“A few days ago, Amy took her own life. Her heart and mind ached, and this life has become too much for her. Some hearts are simply too tender for this world.”

The GoFundMe site – founded by Chloe’s close friend – raised more than £ 6,000 for funeral expenses, and people left Amy’s tributes in the comments.

The GoFundMe site has raised more than £ 6,000 for funeral expenses


Wales News Service)

Her heartfelt mother Karina also wrote a tribute online, citing the star as her personal name rather than as her show business.

The sad mother wrote, “Amy was a smart, ambitious, witty young woman with a gentle heart and a lovely laugh.

“At 24, Amy experienced more than most in her age. She was a resilient, strong and beautiful girl who overcame many difficulties and made the most of her short life.

“Her family will miss her very much. We will miss her laughter, her perfect smile, her cheeks, her humor and her lively personality.

“Although we will never get over the loss of Amy, we will continue together and keep the memory of her in our home and in our hearts. We hope that where Amy is now, she feels at home, safe, loved, healed and free.”

Amy’s funeral will be on Monday, January 24, 2022, at Glyntaff Crematorium, Pontypridd.

* For emotional support, you can call the 24-hour Samaritans telephone number at 116 123, e-mail [email protected], visit the Samaritans branch in person or visit the Samaritans website.

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