Costco sold more grilled chickens in 2021 as food prices hit record highs – don’t eat this


Jim Sinegal, one of the co-founders Costco, told firm CEO Craig Jelinek resolutely almost four years ago that never raise the price of a hot dog by $ 1.50 and soda combos on food playgrounds. This is not the only deal that has reduced inflation in the largest US warehouse chain.

Costco sells 100 million roast chickens each year– and they have been the same for more than a decade! If you are a member, the whole bird costs only $ 4.99. In fact, storage chain it actually loses money on the price of the sticker in the long run.

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Labels on Costco rotisserie chickens have been $ 4.99 since 2009, thanks go warehouse commitment to maintaining a stable price. Although you can still choose it for less than $ 5, food prices are at their highest in a decade – and there seems to be little relief in sight.

In many households, chicken Costco rotisserie is more than just a dinner dish. It is also an inexpensive ingredient used in soups and other meals that provides flavor and protein with a fraction of the cooking time. That’s why we have this handy list 45+ best soups and chillies to prepare with Costco Rotisserie chicken.


Although these chickens themselves taste great, there are many ways to enjoy them that go beyond the old-fashioned way. You can save time and money in the kitchen by using them as an ingredient in delicious, semi-homemade dishes. Some users have reported picking birds up to 5 pounds in size that a small household can stretch into several meals. For some inspiration, here 12 meals you can prepare with Costco Rotisserie chicken.

Meat prices have risen in other parts of the warehouse than they have in the entire industry, and many Costco members hope the chicken won’t be next. Some have appeared on social media platforms such as Reddit to complain to the storage chain not to raise the price.

Costco ‘s net sales increased in the last 12 weeks of 2021 to nearly $ 50 billion– an increase compared to the same period in 2020, when $ 42 billion was sold. Other retail chains in food production companies they are starting to pass on higher operating costs to customers.

Costco rotisserie chicken

Costco had gotten some heat before alleged inhuman treatment chickens in its supply chain. It’s February 2021 New York Times published an opinion they claim that thousands of animals live in a “hot moist cloud of ammonia and excrement mixed together.”

The organizations called on the company to raise the price chicken roaster and use the profits to create better conditions for the animals than other chains have done.

“Hundreds of companies, including Whole Foods, have adopted a leading set of chicken welfare standards, better commitment to the chicken. Costco is expected to intend to do the same as it should, ”the Human League said said Eat it, not it! June 2021

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costco rostisserie chicken

Nevertheless, the number of chickens sold in the Costac roaster continues to increase every year. In 2006, 30 million chickens were sold; in 2020, 101 million chickens were sold; and last year the record was seemingly broken as 106 million chickens were sold.

For now, only time will tell if the price will remain the same.

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