DWAC shares are not yet wrecked


Just like a politician full of hot air, sometimes stocks Digital World Acquisition Corp. (NYSE:DWAC) can increase the value. And the DWAC stock has done just that in recent days.

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Today, let’s take a look at whether buying DWAC shares gives an “all on board” signal or warns of a train crash that is best avoided.

Trump’s train. If you are part of this, you are hoping to travel back to the White House. Or at least you’re sure it’s really great, maybe the best things will happen in 2024 under our former and fighting president.

And if you’re on a train, you’ve no doubt heard of DWAC shares or even proudly own them as a sort of patriotic badge. why is that I’m glad you asked.

DWAC Stock in SPAC

For uniformed is the Digital World Acquisition SPAC. Yes, it is one of those volatile and mostly flammable stocks whose stocks merge with a private company.

But DWAC is uniquely special in a big way, perhaps the most incredibly special way ever.

Unlike many high-tech SPACs (special purpose companies) that take us to brave new places like e.g. Virgin Galactic (NYSE:SPCE) or a company trying to improve the world and green the planet QuantumScape (NYSE:QS), DWAC stock is more for more hot air, pocket liners and equalization.

You see, the DWAC is teaming up with Trump’s 45th President’s Technology and Media Group (TTMG). Big thing? Not clean. The biggest deal? I think it depends on your audience.

Trump’s “TRUTH Social” platform has big goals to walk the path. His goal is to eliminate what many perceive as a dishonest liberal media consortium he leads Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) in Meta platform (NASDAQ:FB).

However, choosing a site and one based on results other than a history of broken inflatable promises, scams, numerous bankruptcies, tricks in general and one-term presidencies, the DWAC agenda is as ridiculous as the return of Myspace can be accepted. seriously.

Weekly price chart

Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) is advancing bullishly higher than breaking the Bollinger Belt, with no signs of excessive bullish remorse.

source: TradingView charts

It is obvious that the affection for the former commander and leader and the company Digital World Acquisition, which is associated with the trendy company TRUTH Social, which is supposed to “resist the tyranny of high technology”, of course, starting on February 21, President’s Day.

But if I admit where the credit goes, Trump is always a showman with a platform launch date. And Trump is also respectfully loved.

Similarly, and with regard to DWAC shares, I admit that the bear flag has not fulfilled its accounts and has turned into a major or worst train wreck for the bull monkey stock base that loves MAGA, Reddit.

While the shares of the future TTMG are expected to one day become a disaster for the stock, resisting the madness of the crowd or the ardent crowd over a settlement would be more Trump than a tactically smart investment. strategy.

And today, this is especially true for anyone considering shortening DWAC shares.

Below the line, after a lawful breach of the Bollinger Belt, an overly flammable but unknowable stochastic indicator, and a technical resistance or “wall” removed from DWAC’s current operations, I suspect the “news sales” event may take shape closer Trump TRUTHS. Socially great disclosure. Until then, calm down and enjoy an interesting show.

At the time of publication, Chris Tyler did not have (directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and are the subject of InvestorPlace.com Guidelines for publication.

Chris Tyler is a former manufacturer of the derivatives market on the U.S. and Pacific stock exchanges. Follow Chris on Twitter for additional market insights and related reflections @Options_CAT in StockTwits.


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