Full moon rituals are a soothing self-sufficiency that you didn’t know you needed – eat this and that


Did you know that a connection to the moon can calm you down mind and body at the same time helping to achieve your long-term goals and dreams? There are many phases of the moon, but a full moon can especially illuminate the person you want to be and what it takes to get there. It’s a beauty if you take the time in your schedule to focus on self-sufficiency and head to the full moon ritual. If you’ve never been a part of this heavenly ceremony before, get ready for an experience that could be self-care practice you missed.

We talked to Mariah Oller, a cell biologist who became a tarot reader, and Lisa Stardust, astrologer and bestselling author Saturn Return Survival Guide in Astrological deck to learn everything you need to know about full moon rituals and how they can bring peace to your mind and body.

For those who don’t know yet, the full moon celebration ceremony is an intimate ceremony where individuals can “connect with natural rhythms,” as Oller puts it. “The goal is to mark the passage of time, observe the cycles of your physical and emotional body, and make conscious decisions about your life,” he continues.

“Because the moon controls the tides of the ocean and all living things are made up of [around] 60% water, “Stardust says that we are always in sync with the lunar phases of the moon. Therefore, the lunar ritual is really crucial for self-sufficiency and flow with the natural rhythms of the Earth.

The lunar ritual itself may vary from individual to individual, but the focus remains the same: relaxation and relaxation while connecting with your inner self and your goals. “Full moons are a time of rest and relaxation, so a recovery ritual is best,” Stardust explains.

Read on to be able to tailor your experience to your vision. And for more, don’t miss out 5 best self-care habits to feel happy all winter, experts say.


“Full moon rituals help you mark your growth and acknowledge the changes you’ve made,” Oller says. A ritual of this nature is very useful for individuals who are facing anxiety or would simply like to balance their world.

Just as there are many phases of the moon, there are many options you can use when planning a full moon ritual. “Full moon rituals often focus on refinement and relaxation,” Oller says. “They mark time periods and help you notice what you want to change and how far you have come along this path. Healing comes by acknowledging your accomplishments and giving time to grow.”

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It helps to have a virtual lunar calendar ready as it will indicate the dates and times of each phase of the moon. From there, you can plan your lunar rituals accordingly.

“Once you decide you want to do something, the ritual begins,” Stardust says.

a woman holding the moon on the beach

True, you don’t have to wait for a full the moon to have a lunar ritual. As Oller explains, “Working with the moon is cyclical, not linear. You can jump whenever you want. ”

If you are looking for a new career, home or relationship, a new moon would be the best time for your ceremony. If you are actually ready for a change in your life, wait for the first quarter of the moon. The third quarter of the moon is the best time to reunite and re-evaluate. “These three phases of the moon are times of lower energy and the rituals are usually simple,” Oller notes.

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The lunar ritual is something you plan and adapt to your mind, body and goals.

First, Oller talks about shower and bath practices. “This is usually done with herbs, flowers or salts that help with relaxation,” he says. “These are especially helpful for people who are experiencing a lot of grief.” A quick 10-minute bath has many health benefits for your mind, including stress and fatigue reducer.

You can afford this bath or shower when it’s best for your body, in the evening or the day after the full moon, although Stardust points out: “People often suggest a full moon bath when the moon is waning, which is right after the full moon. “

What to think about when you relax and bathe? Oller notes, “During the ceremony, people can visualize what they are missing out on and how this supports them in achieving their goals. Many people then write a diary or have free time to help themselves to living dreams.” Stardust finds that sometimes he personally enjoys releasing any negative thoughts or bad habits he has at the moment.


Stardust herself is a fan of Epson salt baths, along with crystals of pink quartz or amethyst that add “self-love and self-sufficiency” to the experience, as well as candles, soft music and moon water.

“If you want to make moon water,” says Stardust, “you can take a container of plain tap water and place it under a full moon glow. This gives the water a lot of strength and energy, which can help heal the body. Epson salt is also great for cleansing and the relaxation of body, mind and spirit. “

If you want to harness the power of crystals, you can also fill your crystals by letting them sort of “swim” during the full moon and soak up all of its beautiful moonlight. Then put them back in your space or wear them as jewelry.

Some individuals find their inner peace through a diary, a great place to “recognize and sort out thoughts and emotions,” Oller notes. You may have heard this before, but expressing your thoughts and feelings in a diary or diary is proven soothing and nurturing.

If in doubt, make a cup of tea or coffee. Talk about your hopes out loud (or quietly review them) over a nice drink before sipping it. Take advantage of everything warm in your cup –green tea, for example, can make you feel less stressed in I’ll give you a raising the mood.

So try full moon rituals – it may be just what you need to calm your body and mind.

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