Mom left ‘sickness’ after dating who lied for months about who she was


The woman felt angry after going on multiple dates with a man she met online, only to find that he hadn’t told her the truth about who he was.

Mom ‘walked’ with mysterious man for ‘months’ before she discovered the truth (image)

We all know the risks of meeting people online, but it’s easy to believe everything you see on a dating app when you think you may have found someone special.

And one mom on Mumsnet he reminded us all to do a little more research before we agreed to meet a stranger Date after being lied to for weeks by a man she thought was perfect for her.

The woman explained that she had met a mysterious man at Bumble and told her that she was currently getting it separated.

She wrote: “At Bumble, I met a boy who was 41, childless. He told me he was divorcing and living with his ex.

She felt bad after realizing that she had been lied to (picture)


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“In a few months, I went on a few dates with him and I felt a few things were happening – he was still following his ex on his Apple Watch, and she was still commenting on his photos on social media.

“He also told me the wrong number for his apartment when I put it on Uber on one of our dates to put it off, because when he later invited me to his apartment, it was another number on the same road. He was he didn’t want to have me with him at first, but I preferred him to doubt. “

But after she went on a new date with him, she noticed that he had made some comments that questioned the status of his marriage, so she decided to look it up online – and discovered that he was still married.

She added: “During the last date I went on with him, he had a drink in him and left some things that slipped through me, which gave me the feeling that he might have lied about the divorce. I followed my instinct and I did.” now i’m glad i am.

“He’s still married and they’re still together – a friend found them on social media recently along with a lot of comments about how lovely the couple are.”

Mom became sick at the thought of being used as a “side lean,” and told other women to watch out for warning signs she overlooked – including his obscure names on social media, making it difficult to follow him. .

She said: “I am disappointed that someone would feel so little respect for other people that I could potentially use them as a‘ side pie ’. Honestly, I feel a little bad, but I’m glad I ran away.

“For the record, I made the quietest and most elegant exit I could, and it’s blocked everywhere.

“Another huge warning flag I missed about men like this – he didn’t use his real name (only initials) on his social media, so it was hard to find at first.”

The woman initially intended to tell the male wife what he was doing, but later decided not to do so because she did not want to get involved in more dramas that could affect her mental health.

In a further post, she added: “I slept on it and decided not to tell his wife. I will spend my weekend taking care of myself as I feel so exploited because of it. None of them really know me and I have to take care of yourself. “

Commentators on the post supported her mother’s decision to give herself priority and reassured her that she was not guilty of the man’s actions.

One person wrote, “I think that sounds reasonable. You should give preference to yourself.”

While another said, “I voted to tell her, but I fully understand your decision in the morning. Go ahead and write it down for the experience. Just remember you didn’t do anything wrong to you.”

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