Mysterious boy Chloe Crowhurst from Love Island when he announces his pregnancy


Chloe Crowhurst, who became famous on Love Island in 2017, has announced that she is expecting her first child – but who is the mysterious boyfriend she is starting a family with?

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Chloe Crowhurst shares her routine for elegant and shiny hair

Chloe Crowhurst has kept her romance with naughty videographer David Houghton well under the radar.

And after The island of love the star announced that pregnant with first child, people are dying from the desire for a mysterious man with whom to start a family.

Chloe, who was on the show in 2017, posted the news Instagram last night she shared a sweet collage of a knitted sweater with embroidered words “Welcome baby” on the front, a shot of the baby and a shot of herself holding her flask.

The 24-year-old wrote this: ” 2022 .. who 2 becomes 3

“We can’t wait to meet you, kid

“It’s been some amazing months, but I’m very excited about the future and creating memories with my little family.”

David shared this in his story on Instagram and added “My Family” and below it a love heart.

Chloe apparently hid her romance and did not share any shots of herself and David at her own expense.

So who is he?

According to David’s Instagram page, he is a videographer and photographer from Leeds.

The neat tattooed piece is obviously more comfortable for the camera, while reality star Chloe has no problem being the center of attention.

And while she may not have shared any of his footage so far, he released one of it last June.

Chloe looked amazing in a pink bikini as she posed on a fashion shoot.

“vibes huts on the beach,” he wrote before tagging her in a post.

David describes himself on his website as a filmmaker and photographer and shows off some of his impressive work and the companies he collaborates with.

Chloe walked around with some familiar faces before settling down with David to start a family.

Chloe posted the news with this picture

She was linked to Sam Gowland on the show, having previously dated Jon Clark of the TOWIE band, but once admitted to going on a dating show just to be jealous.

And she once said that she decided on the show just three hours before the bosses put her on a flight to Spain.

She claimed to have learned that Jon, who was also on Love Island, was sending messages to other girls just two days before the producers offered her a place in the villa.

She had some reservations, which led the producers to come to her office in London’s Canary Wharf and ask her to say yes.

But she said she suddenly realized she couldn’t imagine a better way to get revenge, so she changed her mind at the last minute and they brought her in quickly.

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