No. 10 apologizes to Buckingham Palace for partying the night before Philip’s funeral


Spokesman no. 10 said it was “deeply regrettable that this happened at a time of national mourning” and it is understood that officials called the royal courtiers.

Boris Johnson’s officials apologize to the Queen (photo)

Humiliated Downing Street officials apologize to Buckingham Palace over drunken party at No. 10 last night Prince Philip funeral.

The Deputy Official Representative of the Prime Minister said: “It is deeply regrettable that this happened at the time of the national mourning, no. 10 but apologized to the palace.

“This week you heard from the Prime Minister that he admitted that no. 10 adhere to the highest standards and take responsibility for things we didn’t do right.

“We apologized to the palace.”

No10 did not deny bombshell claims staff drove a suitcase of wine and broke a swing that belonged to the prime minister’s one-year-old son – hours before the Queen sat alone during a socially distant job.

A spokesman said “we acknowledge the great anger of the public” and added: “Wrong assessments have been made and it is right that people apologize.”

Boris Johnson in Garden no. 10 (file photo)


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It is understood that the apology happened through official channels over the phone instead of the Prime Minister talking directly to the Queen or being sent in writing.

A spokesman said he was unaware of the recent talks between Mr Johnson and the monarch, except for their weekly audience, which is usually on Wednesday.

It came after the Telegraph revealed that on April 16 this year, there were two departures at no. 10, while indoor social gatherings were banned and during a period of “national mourning” for Prince Philip.

The queen sat alone to say goodbye to her husband the next day


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At an exciting party for the photographer, employee no. 10 sent to Co-Op on the Strand, 10 minutes walk away to fill a suitcase with wine.

A source told the Mirror that they slid back through the back entrance to no. 10, with the keyboard coming away from the attentive police.

Staff member no. 10 is said to be playing a DJ in the basement and playing songs from a laptop mounted on a photocopier.

The staff later spilled over into the garden, which is protected from the views of the Horse Guard Parade by high brick walls covered with safety wire.

It is said to be a swing belonging to the one-year-old son of the prime minister. He was reported to have broken it in the process.

At the same time, there was a separate job for spin leader James Slack.

A former prime minister’s spokesman gave a resignation speech elsewhere in the building before the parties were expected to reunite.

“I would like to apologize without hesitation for the anger and hurt caused,” Mr Slack, now CEO of The Sun, said today.

He added: “This event should not have happened when it happened.”

A week earlier, the UK had entered a period of “national mourning” and government communications had been cut off.

There were no Covid press conferences, no ministerial interviews, and no press releases other than emergency public health.

Ministers and civil servants were told to wear dark clothes and a black tie at all public events.

A spokesman declined to say when the prime minister found out that the party was taking place, saying: “I will not go into internal discussions here at 10.”

However, he denied that the prime minister had been invited to any of the outgoing dossiers, and said he did not know the meetings would take place before he left for the Checkers.

A spokesman for the prime minister could not say exactly when he arrived in his rural retreat, but insisted: “He was at Checkers 16.

A spokesman said no staff had resigned this morning in light of the latest story, and “I honestly don’t know” when the prime minister last spoke to James Slack.

Asked what the prime minister thinks about breaking his son’s swing, a spokesman said: “I didn’t ask him that.”

The deputy spokesman also declined to say whether he was personally on any of the parties, saying: “It would be inappropriate to comment on further comments while the Sue Gray investigation is still ongoing.”

Asked if these were the last parties on Downing Street that the public would find out about, he declined to say yes or no.

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