Not even the help of a superpower was enough for Barry Gardiner Sean O’Grady


If I were the head of the Chinese Secret Service (I know what you’re thinking, but I just overlooked a guy who was a communist), I would be a little angry with this agent if I risk sounding unfriendly. Christine Lee deducted about £ 500,000 Barry Gardiner.

Yes, he was friends with Jeremy Corbyn. Yes, he was an international secretary in the shadows. Yes, he was a little regular on Radio 4 What a question? But does the agent influence? Agent of what? I wouldn’t quite be convinced that it would be very important for the People’s Republic (nor for British taxpayers, but that’s really cruel).

Perhaps Mrs. Lee and the Beijing gerontocrats reckoned he would be in power soon. It certainly is, however It has been shown that not even the help of a superpower was enough to get Barry to the cabinet table.

I have no idea what the hell Barry thought he was doing, he hired Agent Lee’s boyfriend in the office and took all that money. To be fair, Barry’s side of the story should be presented as follows: “They [MI5] I always knew and was fully aware of her collaboration with my office and the donations she made to fund researchers in my office in the past.

The security services have assured me that although they have finally identified inadequate funding through Christine Lee, this does not apply to any funds received by my office.

And it is equally fair to say that he is not alone in his knowledge of Mrs. Lee. Ms Lee’s company also donated £ 5,000 to the Liberal Democrats in 2005 and £ 5,000 to Ed Davey when he was a minister in the Con-Lib coalition (and a perverse compliment to the Libs, who were rarely seen). by foreign forces).

Not all Gardiner and Davey. Ms. Lee also aimed very high, she is said to be on good terms with David Cameron. In 2019, Lee received the Points of Light Award from then-Prime Minister Therese May in recognition of her contribution to good relations with China through a British-Chinese project. You could call them that, yeah.

Apparently, according to President Hoyle, Ms. Lee has contacted members of the Chinese parliamentary group of all parties in the UK, which is currently out of action. Other members of the group chaired by Gardiner included Labor members Keith Vaz, Stephen Pound, Faisal Rashid and Gareth Thomas – along with Tory David Morris.

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Hoyl’s caution is even more politically interesting: “I should highlight the fact that Lee facilitated financial donations to MPs on behalf of foreign nationals based in Hong Kong and China. This relief was done covertly to disguise the origin of the payments. This is clearly unacceptable behavior and we are taking steps to ensure that it stops. “

I would hope so too. But who got these secret plugs, which of course are not registered in the register of interests? MI5 needs to know. Will there be prosecutions? Will there be a disclosure? Will they resign? Experiments? by-elections?

Maybe it’s cross-border. It will be like an affair with the costs of MPs, but even more exciting – the spy scandal of MPs. It would be interesting to see where the Chinese money ended up. I imagine there was more to the gamble than just a weird duck house.


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