Novak Djokovic’s LIVE News: World No. 1 Faces New Australian Visa Hearing


Martina Navratilova tells Djokovic to “suck” and “go home”

Novak Djokovic filed another appeal after his visa was revoked on Friday by Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke. The world number 1 for men who are not vaccinated but have demanded an exemption from Australia’s strict rules on vaccinating visitors against Covid-19 because he already had an attack of the disease is facing a match with time to have his visa renewed with the first match. The Australian Open, which is scheduled for Monday night.

Hawke announced this on Friday revoked Djokovic’s visa on the basis of “health and good order”. Djokovic’s legal team immediately fought the decision and the case will now go to federal court over the weekend, and Djokovic’s lawyers will work hard to make a final decision on Sunday before fighting for the historic 21st Grand Slam. The 34-year-old Serb was invited to a meeting with border authorities on Saturday morning and could then be detained at a state hotel during the trial.

Pressure has been rising all week after Djokovic broke his silence on Wednesday over a number of allegations of violating the Covid protocol. and admitted that he broke the isolation and conducted an interview with the French newspaper L’Equipe, even though he knew he was positive for the virus, such an offense could cause up to five years in prison if proven to have lied about a positive test.

Follow all the latest news below as Djokovic fights deportation once again.


Spain denies investigating Novak Djokovic for allegedly violating Covid

Novak Djokovic the Spanish government is not investigating him for a separate alleged violation of Covid’s rules due to his current problems with the Australian government.

Reports on Wednesday show authorities are examining a possible legal issue after Djokovic was found to have entered the country a few days after he tested positive on Covid on his way to Melbourne for the Australian Open.

From 20 September, Serbian citizens must have a vaccination certificate or show a special exemption from entering Spanish territory.

“Only residents of Serbia who have a full vaccination certificate or special authorization can enter Spain,” reads the Requirements for entry into Spain.

Meanwhile, Djokovic was also accused Stefanos Tsitsipas “playing by your own rules”.

Karl MatchettJanuary 14, 2022 7:20 PM


Raducanu is the second point to talk with the Australian Open

Djokovic is currently stealing most of the headlines, but Emma Raducanu is on her first slam after her win at the US Open.

Our rapporteur, Tom Kershaw, wrote about the pressure he is facing: “Raducanu may have already climbed the mountain, but these players still feel like they are banning the giants from it.

“What is the realistic goal – if something like this can still be used?” Raducani’s inaugural match against American Sloane Stephens is a relentless test in which victory itself would be an important indicator. This is a daunting task that also evokes some interesting parallels. Few expected the uninhabited Stephens to earn fame at the 2017 U.S. Open, and due to a whirlwind of attention and unwanted comparisons with Serena Williams, she failed to win a single game for the rest of the season.

“When she was knocked out in the first round of the Australian Open the following year, her losing streak was extended to eight matches. “Just relax, everyone. Everything will be fine, don’t worry, “she said with a smile and laughter, full of solemn journalists. Of course, she reached the final at the French Open a few months later. “

Sarah RendellJanuary 14, 2022 at 7 p.m.


So how did Djokovic’s situation unfold?

Djokovic has been in Australia for almost 10 days and his visa has been denied twice.

He was first detained at Melbourne airport as he was considered a health risk as he did not have Covid vaccine. He received a complaint to stay in Australia, but Immigration Minister Alex Hawke had the authority to cancel it again.

He exercised his right to do so on Friday, but Djokovic and his team are answering, as the case is now before the Australian Federal Court.

But how did he get to this point and why? Here’s everything you need to know:

Sarah RendellJanuary 14, 2022 6:40 PM


What was said today?

The original statement that kicked off today’s series of events was a statement by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke that he would revoke Djokovic’s visa again.

He said: “Today I have used the power under section 133C (3) of the Migration Act to revoke the visa that Mr Novak Đoković had for reasons of health and good order, on the grounds that it was in the public interest.

“This decision followed the order of the Federal District and Family Court of 10 January 2022, which annulled the previous decision on revocation due to procedural fairness.

“In making this decision, I carefully considered the information provided to me by the Ministry of the Interior, the Australian Border Force and Mr Đoković. The Morrison government is firmly committed to protecting Australia’s borders, especially in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I thank the Home Office and Australian Border Force officials who work every day for the benefit of Australian interests in increasingly demanding operational environments.”

(PA wire)

Scott Morrison was quick to support the minister, adding: “This pandemic was incredibly difficult for every Australian, but we persevered together and saved lives and livelihoods. Together, we have achieved one of the lowest mortality rates, the strongest economies and the highest vaccination rates in the world.

“Australians have sacrificed a lot during this pandemic and rightly expect the consequences of these sacrifices to be protected. This is what the Minister is doing with this act today.

“Our strongest border protection policies have protected Australians from Covid and now during the pandemic.”

At a hearing for instructions held to show what would happen in the case, Djokovic’s lawyers accused the government of revoking the visa so as not to “inspire” anti-vaccination groups.

Nick Wood said: “The Minister in favor of Mr Đoković assumes every single fact that could have been disputed before, that he acted in accordance with the law, poses only a negligible risk to others, Mr Đoković has a health reason not to be vaccinated. , and that Mr. Djokovic has good status.

At the end of the hearing, Judge Kelly decided that the case would be referred to the Federal Court of Australia. The government cannot take action to remove Djokovic from the country until the proceedings are completed. The star will be detained over the weekend, and the matter is expected to be decided on Sunday.

Sarah RendellJanuary 14, 2022 6:20 PM


What was the interrogation like and what happened?

Today was a hearing on instructions at which the next steps in the case were set out.

Djokovic’s lawyers have presented their intentions to fight against the star staying in Australia, as they believe the reasons for the visa waiver are unfounded. Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is said to have admitted that Djokovic had an “exception” and described him as a man of “good standing”. They believe the second dismissal has occurred because the government does not want to “inspire” anti-vaccination groups.

The case was transferred to the Federal Court of Australia, which Djokovic’s lawyers tried to prevent, as the hearing was scheduled for Sunday. Djokovic will hope that this day will end, as he is expected to compete in the Australian Open on Monday.

The judge also ruled that Djokovic will be in custody over the weekend, but the government cannot take action to remove the star until the proceedings are completed. The star will also take part in another interview with immigration officials on Saturday morning.

Sarah RendellJanuary 14, 2022 at 6 p.m.


There were many reactions to Djokovic’s visa being revoked. He has his critics and followers among tennis fans, but they were not the only ones to comment.

Politicians and journalists put their opinions into the debate, especially with World No. 1 will play in the Australian Open on Monday.

Here is how the world reacted:

Sarah RendellJanuary 14, 2022 5:40 PM


Djokovic’s positive test “completely valid”

The document, which shows that Novak Djokovic was positive on Covid on December 16, is valid, a representative of the Serbian Ministry of Health said on Friday.

“After the documentation appeared on social media, we analyzed the document and the document is absolutely valid,” said Zoran Gojkovic, a member of the Crisis Staff’s anti-Covid-19 team.

He said there was no legal penalty for those violating quarantine rules in Serbia, citing Djokovic’s interview with the French newspaper L’Equipe.

“I defend his free will not to be vaccinated,” Gojkovic said.

Ben BurrowsJanuary 14, 2022 5:28 PM


Why does Djokovic oppose the vaccine?

Djokovic has made some controversial statements about vaccines over the past few years and admitted he did not have a vaccine against Covid when he entered Australia.

Our rapporteur, Tom Kershaw, wrote about how Djokovic expressed his beliefs and what they are like.

He wrote: “He insists that he can find“ basic ways to survive ”by harnessing the power of his body, be it in the fight against a virus or injury, without having to resort to outside intervention.

“Sometimes this belief provoked comic moments, for example, when Đoković teamed up with Pepe Imaz, a coach and spiritual guide whose techniques included the power of extremely long hugs. Around the same time, Djokovic began praising the virtues of telekinesis and telepathy, referring to “the gifts of a higher order, a source, a god, anything that allows us to understand higher power and higher order within ourselves.”

Sarah RendellJanuary 14, 2022 5:20 pm


Discussion points: Is it all because of Djokovic?

Djokovic is the main topic of discussion at this year’s Australian Open, will the title defender have a chance to perform or will he be deported? This is a matter for the courts, and the decision is expected to be made on the Sunday after the hearing.

And this is not the only situation before the first straw this year.

Emma Raducanu, the current US Open champion, will play in her first slam since then and will strive to continue her success on the world stage. Meanwhile, Andy Murray received a replacement badge for the event and started his time in Australia victoriously.

For the first time in three years, he has qualified for the ATP finals, so you can follow him to the event.

Before the Open starts on Monday, you need to pay attention to many things, read the conversation points:

Sarah RendellJanuary 14, 2022 at 5 p.m.


Murray: Djokovic’s situation is not good for anyone

Andy Murray’s time in Australia has been great so far and he added his winning start when he beat Reilly Opel on Monday with a 6-7 6-4 6-4.

The Scottish star reiterated in a press match that the visa situation is not good for anyone.

“It’s not a good situation. I’m not going to sit here and start kicking Novak when he’s on the ground,” Murray said. “I mean, I said that the other day, it’s not a good situation for anyone.

“It’s a pity he found himself in such a situation, and who knows? I don’t know what the procedure is now. I don’t know which way to go down if he can complain about it and how long it takes, and is he still in training while this process is going on, or is he still competing in a tournament?

“Obviously I want this resolved. I think it could be good for everyone if that were the case. It just seems to be dragging on for a long time and it’s not great for tennis, not for the Australian Open, not for Novak.

“Obviously, a lot of people here have criticized the government. It wasn’t good. “

Sarah RendellJanuary 14, 2022 4:40 PM


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