Parents angry after school “deny students drinks and toilet breaks”


Parents claim that the Brakenhale school in Bracknell ‘abused’ students by forcing them to be outside in the cold without coats and preventing them from going to the toilet or drinking.

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Bracknell: Pupils line up outside in the rain

Parents are angry when they claim the school is “abusing” their children by not allowing them to drink water or use toilets, they report.

The Brakenhale School in Bracknell has been accused by parents of accusing the institution of having draconian rules.

Parents are angry at the way they should treat their children, Bracknell News reports claiming that the girl was forced to sit outside on the wet floor to eat lunch, and another that she got wet because she was told she could not go to the toilet, were reported.

One parent reportedly told Bracknell News: “The school only actually issues toilet cards to children if parents can prove they need a medical exemption.”

A photo sent to a parent shows children standing outside in a row with their arms raised, which students are expected to do four times a day until they fall silent.


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She also claimed that children are forced to stand outside in the cold without a coat and with one hand in the air for about 20 minutes at a time, four times a day.

The father described how students were supposed to have a medical certificate to be exempt from toilet rules.

“One year 7 she was so desperate to go to the toilet that she got wet and had blood running down her leg during the set (she was told she had to have a pass if she was menstruating),” he told local officer.

Detention times have been extended from 15 to 30 minutes, and students are forced to stand in line four to five times a day, he claimed.

Entrance to the Brakenhale School in Bracknell

Every morning, break, lunch and at the end of the day, students must stand with their arms raised and remain silent before they can leave, he added.

Video posted on Twitter, over The parents appear to be depicting a row of students standing outside in the rain, with one hand in the air, next to a sports field. The male voice narrating above the video calls it “disgusting”.

Parents also reportedly complained to the Bracknell Forest Council about these rules at the school.

Will Smith, executive director of the Greenshaw Learning Trust, which runs the school, told the Mirror that the fund “expects students to present themselves in accordance with school policy”.

At the end of the break, students line up outside in the rain according to new Brackenhall school rules


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Mr Smith added: “If any student or parent has questions or concerns about our policies, they should contact the school.”

It’s not the first time Brakenhale has been on the news. In November 2019, the school lifted the ban on facial hair after parents rejected the move.

On Thursday, November 28, 2019, the Deputy Director of the Academy sent an e-mail informing parents that from January 2020, students aged 11 to 16 will not be allowed to grow facial hair, including beards and mustaches, reports Bracknell News.

The parents encountered confusion and anger, and one commented online at the time that it was “pathetic” and “controlling”.

Exceptions were granted for religious beliefs, but only if the principal gave permission – and even then, the hair on his face had to be long stubble.

Politics, however, was reversed after parents reacted angrily.

In another email, explaining that the decision would be withdrawn, the principal argued that the idea was “not meant to offend anyone”.

The Mirror turned to Brakenhale School for comment.

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