Plan B restrictions will be lifted when Boris Johnson plans to fight


Cabinet ministers publicly backed Mr Johnson on Friday, with Michael Gove, secretary of the community, and Liz Truss, foreign minister, giving recordings of the show, as well as Damian Hinds, the security minister.

There are growing speculations that the layoffs on Downing Street will follow the release of Mrs Gray’s report, with Mr Gove hinting at this when he spoke to ITV News.

“If there is a special need for disciplinary action or taking responsibility, we do so. We are doing this quickly, but also with all the facts that lie ahead, “Mr Gove said.

However, the Tory whips in charge of maintaining party discipline are watching the actions of Mrs Truss and Rishi Sunak, Chancellor – both are often hinted at as potential successors – with suspicion.

Ms Truss was holding drinks with a small group of MEPs in her parliamentary office on Monday and will be on the other side of the world in Australia next weekend when Ms Gray’s report could fall.

Mr Sunak is one of a small number of cabinet ministers who have not yet given an interview to support Mr Johnson to television or radio broadcasters since the prime minister’s apology on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a new Savanta ComRes poll on Friday night brought a 10-point advantage over the Tories and their largest projected share of votes in nearly a decade.

The number of covid cases falls below 100,000 per day

Documents released by Sage on Friday show that the University of Warwick formed the end of Plan B on January 26 and compared it to the addition of additional restrictions, such as Rule Six and a ban on indoor mixing.

The modelers said it was “surprising” that the additional controls had a “relatively small impact” on the maximum level of hospital admissions, but could have tackled the entire epidemic more quickly.

On Friday, the number of cases fell below 100,000 a day for the first time since December 21, and now hospital admissions have also begun to decline.

Downing Street has made it clear that a final decision on lifting Plan B measures in England on 26 January has not yet been taken.

It came when a new poll gave Labor a 10-point advantage over the Conservatives and their largest projected share of the vote in nearly a decade.

The Savanta ComRes poll, its first poll on intent to vote since allegations of so-called “partygate” erupted, showed Cheese Keir Starmer party at 42 points, more by five, the Tories at 32, less by one.

The Liberal Democrats are on 11 points, the SNP and the Greens together on four, and the “others” have seven percent of the projected votes.

The poll said that 42 percent is the highest share of votes for Labor since 2013, and its advantage of 10 points is the best since April 2019.



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