Single mother “too sick to use phone” missed Covid insulation payment of £ 500


Samantha Lambert, 35, lost £ 500 in isolation payment for Covid disease because she was too ill to respond to testing and tracking, and was forced to rely on food banks to feed her children.

Beverley, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, where Samantha Lambert lives, who missed the Covid isolation payment

Single at benefits she claims she lost £ 500 in paying for Covid insulation because she was too ill to use the phone.

Samantha Lambert of Beverley in East Riding of Yorkshire said she was too ill to talk to her NHS follow and follow by phone and could not demand half payment.

The 35-year-old was positive for Covid on Christmas Eve and was unable to work over Christmas and New Year as she became seriously ill. HullLive reports .

Because she lost on paying £ 500, she was forced to rely on food banks to feed his children.

She said: “You have been offered this grant to help you and I am meeting the criteria.

“But it feels like I had to jump through the hoops to try to get it, and because I couldn’t talk to someone when I was sick, I can’t accept that.

After the test on Covid on Christmas Eve was positive, she could not work over Christmas and New Year


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“You feel like they’re not helping you and trying to find a gap so they don’t give you money.”

Samantha said she really needs the money she lost.

She added: “I signed up to pay for Test and Trace support and provided everything they needed.

“I receive benefits because I am a single mother of three children, but I work and I lost my income because I had to isolate myself.

“I received an email from Test and Trace that I needed to enter the code and that I needed to set a password, but I was constantly told that my password was not strong enough.

“I was very bad at the time, so I couldn’t come to terms with it at the time. I was in bed and I couldn’t even communicate with family members on the phone because I felt bad.

“When I finally felt good enough, the connection expired. So I tried to do what I was supposed to do.

“Nowhere on the government website does it say we have to deal with tracking and tracking, but I tried to do that.”

Since she was denied £ 500, Samantha had to turn to food banks to feed her children.

She added: “You can’t get Aldi to put food away at your door, it has to be something more expensive than Morrisons, which is twice the price to put it away, so I had to have a delivery at the food bank.”

The Test and Trace Covid support payment was established to support individuals who receive low incomes or receive benefits while working.

These benefits usually have to be paid in addition to earnings from the service. You should prove that you cannot work from home and that you will lose income due to self-isolation.

Eligible customers receive £ 500 for financial support.

A spokesman for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “The Council understands how important it is to pay residents a payment for isolation if a person was asked to isolate himself when he was positive on Covid-19.

“We manage the performances on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and follow their instructions. In order to be eligible for payment, NHS Track and Trace must instruct the individual to isolate and cooperate with them and provide all legal information required (eg close contacts, etc.).

“We are sorry to learn that the connection has expired and I suggest he contact NHS Track and Trace and request that the connection be re-established and then we can reconsider payment. We cannot process a payment without this information. “

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