The best food no. 1, which overcomes the craving for sugar, says a dietitian – eat this, not this


We all know this horrible feeling when you try your best to eat healthy and exercise to achieve weight loss goals, only to be affected by annoying longing in the middle of the morning or in the afternoon after lunch.

Sometimes you longing they are enough to derail your healthy eating goals for the whole day, and before you make a vow, you find yourself grabbing a few cookies or drinking a liter of ice cream right after dinner.

So how exactly do we fight these intense sugar cravings when they arise? One of the main ways to do this is to make sure you eat enough foods rich in nutrients all day, making sure you feel fuller. However, if you find yourself in a complicated situation with some unexpected desires, you can reach for a useful snack.

According to ours Medical Expert Commission member, registered dietitian Lauren Manaker, MS, RDNauthor Mom’s first pregnancy cookbook in Promoting male fertility, one of the best snack foods to suppress sugar cravings dry plum.

Continue reading to learn more about the potential health benefits of prunes, and for more tips on healthy eating, check out 7 healthiest foods you can eat.

How prunes can reduce sugar cravings.


According to Manaker, dry plum it can help reduce cravings for several reasons.

To begin with, prunes are filling and can satisfy hunger: “According to a study published in Journal of Nutrition Bulletinpeople who nibbled on prunes they felt less hungry and generally ate fewer calories than people who ate raisins or jelly beans, ”he says,“ and prune snacks also had better appetite control compared to those who ate raisins or jelly. .

Another surefire way plums can help overcome annoying sugar cravings is to provide sweetness without added sugar. This is crucial as added sugar is known to have addictive properties neurochemistry of the brain.

“Plums are naturally sweet, a factor that can help satisfy sweet tooths,” says Manaker, “and, unlike sweets, they contain natural antioxidantsvitamins and minerals, including fiber to make them hearty food. “Everyone circumcise it has 3.5 grams of natural sugars and 0.5 grams of fiber.

To curb the craving for sugar, keep a bag of prunes in the fridge and reach for it the next time you’re looking for something sweet.

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