The doctor and mother took their own lives after two attacks by Covid, which ruined her health


Professor Fiona Denison was a leading obstetrician counselor and suffered a horrific period of ill health after she first contracted Covid at the start of the pandemic.

Professor Fiona Denison has sadly taken her own life

The doctor’s heartfelt family shared how Covid “destroyed” her health to the point that she tragically took her own life.

Professor Fiona Denison contracted the virus twice during the pandemic before tragically dying on Jan. 8 at the age of 51.

The mother of two was a leading obstetrician consultant at NHS Lothian and suffered a horrific period of ill health after initially infecting Covid at the start of the pandemic.

Her relatives said the virus had seriously damaged her mental and physical health, and shared a nightmare test in hopes of helping others Edinburgh live reports.

Fiona, who has two sons, James and David, first fell ill with Covid in March 2020 and has unfortunately developed a number of breathing-related complications.

The mother of two was a leading obstetrician consultant at NHS Lothian


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She spent a whole week alone in isolation while being treated at the Royal Hospital in Edinburgh.

Upon returning home, Fiona began to experience horrific flashes about her time in the hospital, as well as serious anxiety.

Conversation with MessengerHer husband Gordon Taylor explained that her stress disorder then turned into depression, and Fiona was admitted to Royal Edinburgh Hospital just a few months later.

He said: “If Fiona’s story can shed light on the critical importance of mental health and thus help others, then she would feel it is an appropriate legacy in addition to the tremendous contribution she has made with her clinical and medical research roles as well as her private life.

“She was eventually diagnosed with suicide risk and was admitted to Royal Edinburgh Hospital in the summer of 2020.

“Even during her treatment there, she discovered the therapeutic benefits of art, which flourished in beautiful paintings, with which she impressed friends and family.

“Her condition improved and she was able to return home, but Covid further affected her health as it worsened her pre-existing condition with the digestive system, which was also affected by the medications she was taking to help with depression.”

Despite digestive surgery, Fiona’s health problems continued and she was forced to leave clinical work forever.

A mother of two, she caught Covid twice


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Her mental health dropped sharply again and worsened over Christmas when she caught Covid for the second time.

Mr Taylor continued: “The re-hospitalization was traumatic as it revived all memories of breathing problems in solitude.

“She was preparing for the operation based on the traumatic memories of returning to the hospital environment she had for her, but she also hoped it would be a positive step forward.

‘As Fiona told friends and family:’ I never seem to catch a break ‘.

“Although outwardly she seemed to be struggling with this last of many failures, Fiona took her own life on Saturday night.

“In the end, the total tax Covid has inflicted on both her mental and physical health seems to have been too much. Fiona’s suicide is a stark reminder that mental health is a very fragile and rapidly changing thing and that mental the disease can be devastating, even if it is good … supported by family, friends and professional services. ”

Destroyed and shocked by the sudden loss, Fiona has since bragged, with many hoping their friend and colleague is now in a “better place”.

Professor Denison’s work in her chosen field was extensive. She has worked to prevent stillbirths and premature births across the UK and has worked with her peers in Uganda to improve birth rates there and in other low- and middle-income countries.

Donations in memory of Professor Fiona Denison can be made to the Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation here.

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